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Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Break 2013

I was very excited to get to spend some much needed "grandparent" time with our favorite Grand Daughter Cooper this last week.  Seems her Fall Break and her moms are different weeks so I get to have an assistant with me for a few days.  I was hoping she wouldn't get bored at the store, and I am here to tell you, she didn't.

Cooper is a total joy to be with, and she got to do the normal things that I do know the to Starbucks and get the Batista to make the usual iced caramel coffee for me.  Cooper was a hot chocolate kinda girl, and Naomi made it to perfection for her. 

We went by Walmart and picked up some new markers and found a couple of projects to do as well.  We colored, and glued, and. It and created.  Today, Cooper also found out if you don't know how to do something, you just "google" it, and find someone that does.  We made a paper star!!!
OK, so that was day one....what's next?   

Thursday, we hit the door running.  It's McDonald's for breakfast, and then then bank....and yes, I brake for garage sales.  You can never start them too early, right?!!

I wish I could say we found some wonderful bargains, but we didn't.  Cooper tells me I can't stop at any "grandma" garage sales....they have to have kids stuff.  Before this demand was made I have to admit I found a cute glass pedestal and it came home with me. :)

I am really glad that the store was actually kind of quiet this week.  The slow down of business gave  Cooper and I time to play.  Cooper asked me to make a star out of paper the first day she was with me.  I "googled" it and by golly we cut out a star.  Day two, she requested paper dolls....of courses, we "googled" it and made that happen as well.  

Friday is our final day together, and Mayee and Kylee were coming to the store to play with Cooper.  Those girls really did play.  Maycee and Kylee had to make stars and paper dolls and color them.  The girls decided to play "school".  I remember as a child doing the same thing.  It was so refreshing to watch them play....not with IPads, or phones, or anything mechanical.  Only thing mechanical were their sweet brains, and they were in full gear.  I was the Principal, and Maycee being the oldest, was the Teacher.  Oh what fun they had.  It was a really nice and fun day.  The kids laughed and had so much fun.....and me, well, it was a very good day for me too!!!!

So glad my mom and Louie brought the girls (great grands)  to have a play date with Cooper.

I think we have had a really great three days together.  Pops and I are going to miss Cooper's sweet "good mornings".  The dogs are going to miss the belly rubs and sweet kisses.  What a wonderful child you are Cooper.  Your Pops and I are so very lucky to have you for a Grand Daughter.  We love you so very much and even more!!!! Can't wait till our next sleep over.

Thanks to our son and daughter in law for sharing her with us.  Love you all.