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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lone Star Rally 2013 (Day 1)

We haven't even left and we have made some changes to our route. The rain gods are trying very hard to mess with us on this trip. Plans are now to go the westerly route. We will be taking 81 in Oklahoma and continue on 281 though the east side of the Texas Hill Country.  The tropical storm "Raymond" is the cause of the weather issues.

As we pull out we are wearing our rain suits. The temperature is really nice and is in the 70's. Our first stop will be Chickasha to meet up with the Darlings.  As we pull into the gas station it starts to sprinkle just a little.  It's looking like we are going to be getting wet, so we take a quicker route down the HE Bailey Turnpike.  

We breeze down the highway  hitting small pockets of sprinkles but nothing bad. We continue into Texas with the overcast grey skies. We actually have a few breaks in the clouds and see sunshine every once in awhile. 

We make it to Jacksboro around noon and we decide to grab some lunch.  Checking the Urbanspoon app, I find a place that has burgers....and we are hungry, so that is where we will be eating.  It is called "Herb's Hamburgers".
We stop at what appears to looks like a dive.
There is no place to sit order and then take your burger with you, or sit outside at one of the two picnic tables.  At least the weather is cooperating.  The burgers were really good.

We are ready to get moving again and as we get on the bike we start getting a few drops of rain.  Never really rained hard on us. Just mist every once in awhile.

We ride and dodge the rain drops all the way to Lampasas.  By that time it is time to stretch our legs.  The local DQ looks like a perfect place to do just that.

We get inside and Doreen notices Allen's rain suit has a hole on the one side of his leg. Looks like he and his muffler had a meeting and the Frog Togg lost.   He cleans off his muffler before the material has really baked on it.  We all got a good laugh out of it, and as if it has never happened to any of us before....RIGHT!!!!!!

Back on the bike we make our way towards Austin. We hit one area of pretty heavy rain but all in all it wasn't bad.

We get into the Austin evening traffic and are about to burn up. Rain suits and 100% humidity just don't mix while crawling at a snails pace  with 10,000 cars. Once we got moving again it wasn't that bad.
We make our final stop for the night in San Marcos. The lady at the desk tells us the heavy rains are due here at midnight.  
As we get ready to walk down the road to eat it starts sprinkling and we make a quick u turn and go back to our rooms. Pizza is ordered and we sit and watch the World Series for awhile. 
Not a bad ending to a great day of riding with friends. Time to sleep and see what we are in for tomorrow. Predictions are for 10" of rain. :(  Little did we know what we would wake to the next morning.  
Goodnight world