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Friday, November 1, 2013

Lone Star Rally 2013 (Day 3)

We wake to blue skies today. The weather is perfect!  Looks like today is going to be picture perfect here on the island.

Our first stop is right across the street from the hotel.  We have to get our pictures on the bikes with the ocean behind us.  Seems like this is what we always do, but hey, we have to keep the tradition going, right! 

We walk out on one of the rock area and Doreen starts finding little shells from the sea.  I have to get one picture of Allen with his butt in the air, as I guess he has found the big one or something.  Not exactly sure what he found, but it was picture worthy! 

I took a picture of Diana & Chris bracelets that their grandson Ryland had made for them.  He wanted to see that his creations (bracelets) had made it to the ocean.

We walk back towards the bikes and head down to the area on the seawall where they have vendors set up.  The bikes are filling the place up rather quickly.  They have people directing traffic and showing you the areas to park.  Seems like they are well equipped for the influx of people this weekend. 

They weren't kidding about the weather today.  The sea breeze was great.  The sun was shining, and I started looking for some sun screen.  We ate lunch in an area they had set up to listen to the local bands.  Enjoyed the lazy slow pace for a change.

Walking back to the bikes,  you could see that this was really going to be a very big day for the rally.  The parking area was swelling with all the bikes that were coming in...and this was Friday!!!!  As we make our way back, Doreen gets her picture by a very strange passenger on someones bike.  Or is that Allen!!??

We head towards the Strand, and I seem to always use this tall white building as my landmark for parking etc.  As we turn towards the building, they have closed off some roads leading in and out, and we are able to get a parking space in the close area.  Great spot!!!  Looks like the police won't be hauling bikes off from this area.

We revisit some of the vendors that we walked by yesterday.  There is a whole lot of people milling around, and we just follow the flow of people.  Some shirts were purchases, and then some more shirts were purchased.  We did a fair amount of shopping, but can't say that Chuck and I came home with anything big this year.

Believe it or not, it is getting close to 5pm, and I suggest we find a place to sit and eat some food.  The restaurant Yaga's has always been a good place to eat, so we make our way down the crowded streets to Yaga.  Can't believe it, but we didn't even have to wait for a table.  We sit back at the back of the restaurant, and it is a bit more quiet, and enjoyed the time off our feet.  The food was good as usual, and the waitress tells us to take our time, so we sit and chill for a little longer.

As we exit the restaurant we decide to find a spot and watch some of the bikes and people that are going down the Strand on their bikes.  It is getting dark, and the temperature is beginning to drop.  Diana and I walk back to the bikes and get our jackets.

We spend the rest of the evening watching the bikes go by.  They are actually letting the bikes park on the Strand two deep this year.  In years past, you couldn't have your tires touching the first rail of the trolley, but this year, they are parking them out to the second one.  Makes for more bike parking that's for sure.

We make our way back to the bikes, and head back to our hotel.  Great day!  Great weather!  Great Friends!