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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Going to see "The Nutcracker"

The Oklahoma City Ballet performed "The Nutcracker"" and I got tickets for my daughter-in-law, and granddaughter.  I would love to say this was totally my idea, but alas, it wasn't.  My friend Diana told me several weeks ago that she and her family were going to go, so I thought what the heck.  My son and daughter-in-law used to go every year before they had kids.  Cooper is 5 now, and we might as well start a fun tradition that we can do each year.

I got the tickets and the plans were made.  We met downtown on a beautiful Sunday afternoon for the 2pm production.  We entered the Civic Center and they have several areas set up for purchasing items.  They also had a beautiful 3 story Christmas Tree with a very nice looking Santa sitting there, just waiting to have his picture taken with the children that wanted to do it.  Of course Cooper was ready to sit on Santa's lap and get a picture.  He was so kind, and even kissed her on her cheek as she got off his lap.

We did a little shopping and got a couple of nutcrackers for Cooper and Cash's Christmas trees that they have in their rooms.  We walked a little further and Cooper spotted a hippopotamus with a tutu on....It was a stuffed one, so we had to have one of those as well.

We walked around and actually saw a hippo worthy of a picture.  There was an area set up for the kids to write a letter to Santa and put in the mailbox to send to the North Pole.  Cooper has written several letters, so I am sure Santa will be very well informed on what she is asking for him to bring her.

It's showtime, so we make our way to our seats.  We see Diana and her family sitting in the seats in front of us.  Diana's sister Debbie, was here from Florida, and I thought it was so nice they all got together to do this.

Before the curtain rises, the announcer says that this has been a really good year for the ballet.  The other interesting part of the announcement is that this is the 50th year for the production of the Nutcracker.  I have to say by some of the people that are here, some of them were at the 1st production....LOL

The ballet was wonderful.  I was also impressed with how well this little 5 yr. old girl sat and watched the story unfold.  It was a fun afternoon with 2 of my most favorite girls.  I hope that we can continue this little tradition for years to come.  Merry Christmas to everyone.  I hope you make some old and new memories this year.