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Friday, January 17, 2014

Mid January Randomness 2014

I am so excited to have finished my blog post for 2013 and send it off to Blog To Print to have it made into my 3rd yearbook.  Amazed that it was actually about 20 pages larger than 2012.  Looks like we rode quite a bit, or I decided to blog about a lot of things last year.  I am not sure if anyone else gets as excited as I do for the New Year to start so that I can get my blog sent to be published.  It is just a total accomplishment for me that I actually blogged the whole year and have something to show for it.  I only wish I had started writing the blog a few years earlier.  I wouldn't have the books that I have handwritten since 2000 tucked away. The blogging just makes it so much easier to keep everything in a nice neat order.  :)

The weather has been very "wintery" around Oklahoma, and has messed with a few plans we have had.  We were supposed to get together with our regular Friday Night Dinner Ride group just before Christmas and we had an ice storm decide to cancel that get together.  I think the first chance we have all been able to get together was last week at Johnny's Hamburgers (it's a favorite place for us) and Jennifer brought us all a little Christmas gift.  It was a cute candle, and some much needed we need it....but I have to share with you this chocolate that she gave us.  It's Lindt brand.  Chili Dark Chocolate. is wonderful.  She said it tasted to her like the chocolate cake we had in Madrid New Mexico, and she wasn't kidding.
It is "now" my favorite thing!!!  Thanks Jennifer  :)

We had lunch with the kids on Saturday and I wanted to take Cash to Atwood's to see if they had some boots for the boy.  I think all almost 3 yr. old boys need some Cowboy boots, don't you.  Found a pair of the cutest size 6 boots and he seemed to like them.  I got a picture the next morning as they were getting ready for church and he was wearing his new boots.  So glad he likes them  :)

We have been having some beautiful sunsets, and as we headed out to dinner one evening, I was able to catch a few pics of one.  I know the pics don't do it justice, but the sky looked like it was on fire.  Very beautiful!

 You know I am hooked on "What does the fox say?"...and I was really wanting a t-shirt that says just that.  Well, I was in our local Walmart, and low and behold, they actually had one.  Yep, they did, and guess I do too!!!!   Call me crazy, but I just really am hooked.  Ringtone and now a t-shirt=Happy Happy Happy!

My last obsession I have is those silly little solar animals that move and wobble around when the sun is shining.  :)  I know, I am crazy, but I think they are just too cute.  Dollar Tree has had some really great ones, and I was given a snowman from my friend Jennifer Story.  I didn't have a Christmas one, but it started me looking.  I was in Big Lots, and oh my, found the cutest Christmas ones, so of course I had to purchase some.  After Christmas I was in Big Lots again and what do you think I found...Yep, more cute things.  Got me the cutest owl!!!  His little head turns side to side.  Too darn cute....

Our sweet granddaughter Cooper had an exciting week.  She had a date with the Tooth Fairy.  She really wanted to lose her tooth at school.  You see, if they lose it there, they get this big white tooth necklace to wear.  It's really a big deal to a 5 yr. old.  So to say the least, the very loose and wobbly tooth made it till Monday and she headed to school.  Her mom was worried if it didn't come out pretty soon, the corn dog she was eating for lunch just might make it come out and she might swallow it.  But just as Miss Cooper wanted, her tooth was out of her mouth before lunch!!!  Way to go.
The Tooth Fairy made her visit Monday night while she was tucked in bed, and her first tooth loss brought her a $5 bill.  :)  She is growing up so fast, and a wonderful delight to be with.  Love this girl so much.

That's about all the randomness I can come up with at this time.  Stay turned, because I know the weather is going to break and we are going to be able to get on the bike really soon and take a spin.  Crossing my fingers!

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