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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Day Annual Ride 2014

The invites have been sent out....The responses have come in, and we are going to ride on New Years Day...Oh Yes We Are!!!

And that we do!  We meet downtown Oklahoma City at noon to make our annual ride a reality.  Lynn & Keith are coming from Duncan to join us.  Doreen, Allen, and the boys are the first ones to get to the meeting spot.  Glad to see they were able to get the kids to come with them.  I have had this song "What did the fox say" in my brain.  You know how it's a "Song worm" or "Ear worm"....So of course I have to download it as a ring tone.  Joey & Brandon didn't help the matter as they kept singing it with me...LOL...(love those boys)

The weather really couldn't have been much better.  Cold, but not too cold!  The sun is shining, and the skies are blue and clear.  After we all gather, we get back on the bikes and head towards the Capital building.

Lynn & Keith
Diana & Chris

Tom and "Bob" his bike

Doreen & Joey

Allen & Brandon

Chuck & Myself :) 

Call me crazy, but I think this pictures is probably my favorite of all the pictures we take throughout the year.  What a wonderful way to start the New Year off right.

We pull into the capital parking area, and we make our way up to the center area.  The ugly yellow barriers are an eye sore, but they have been there for years, so you just have to overlook them.  Our Capital is needing quite a bit of work, and those barriers are there to keep the crumbling exterior from falling on someone.  LOL...for real!!!!
The "Darling" Family 

One by one, we take snap shots of each bike.  Got a nice group shop of the Darling Family!!!  I think it is suitable for framing.  But of course I think all of them are..

As we are busily taking pictures, the guys notice that there is a couple of highway patrol cars pull up and park.  We continue taking our pictures.  There sure seems to be more people stirring around here today than usual.  I find out later, why!!!

Our group shot is taken, and we pack the tripod back up, and head back to Bricktown to eat some Mexican Food at Abuelo's.  We get front row parking.  Before you know it we are being seated, and time to get some food in these tummy's.

The service and food was as good as it ever is.  You see, Abuelo's has become the place to eat after we take the annual pictures.  

As we walk back to the bikes, and nice lady ask is we would like her to take a group picture.  This group knows I am all about the picture, so of course we tell her yes.  What a nice thing for her to do!

We give our final hugs and say our goodbyes, and just as we joined in one place, we now leave!  The skies that had been so blue, are now starting to cloud up.  The wind has switched and is blowing hard from the north.  There is a cold front on the way, and I think we are going to get home just in time.

By the time we make it home, the sun is totally gone, and the temperature has dropped from the nice 50 degrees to 46.  The wind made it feel a whole lot cooler than that.  I get messages from all the riders that they made it home safely.  The end to a very good day, with a little riding involved.

By the way, you know the highway patrol that were at the Capital....we would have loved to thought that the big bad bikers were being watched, but in reality, according to a article that Diana sent me later, they were there to keep the peace for the protesters that were there to protest the new law that just passed against e-cigarette's being banned from the Capital grounds.  Well, darn, it wasn't about us at all...LOL

Happy New Year!!!!  Thanks to all who participated.  :)  and you know who you are
And one more thing..... :)  What did the fox say  :)