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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Taking advantage of Fickled Weather in January 2014

What do you do when the weather is supposed to be "perfect"?  You get on the bike and ride.  Our friend Tom suggested we ride on Sunday as the weather was supposed to be the best, so that is just what we did.

Diana & Chris joined us at our usual meeting spot and we headed to Edmond, OK. to meet up with Tom and whoever else was going.  We get there at 11:30am, and the sun was shining so bright.  What a wonderful day.  I don't think I can say that enough!  Looks like it is just going to be the 3 bikes today, so we head out for lunch.

Tom lead us to Muhall where we ate at Lucille's.  As we pulled up, there were a lot of other bikers that had the same idea.  Amazing how a little place can become a destination for people that ride.  Muhall is a very small town, and Lucille's is the main attraction.  The old building that we used to eat at burned a few years back, and they moved across the street, and built a very nice restaurant with a lot of seating.

We parked and walked right in and was seated.  No waiting.  Guess we were in between the "rush".  Everyone picked their favorite food to eat, and we enjoyed a great lunch.  It was nice to get to catch up with Tom.  We see him all the time, but never seem to have that one on one time.  It was a great visit.

As we sat there waiting on food, our friends Patty and Stan walked in.  Seems they had the same idea as we did.  The last time we were here we saw Brent and Sherri.  Guess this is the place to be.

The guys have discussed riding to Pop's in Arcadia, so we head back South, and ride the "river" road.  It is about the only curvy road in this area.  Sadly it only has about 3 curves and then you are done.  LOL...

As we make our way to Guthrie, we head east on Highway 33 and ride to Highway 177.  From there we get on Rt. 66, and we are at Pops in no time.  As usual there is a lot of bikes there.  Seems like we have hit all the hot spots to ride on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the Oklahoma City area.

So glad we were able to get out and enjoy this day.  The weather is taking a swan dive and we are supposed to have very high winds and very cold air move in this evening about 9:30pm.  It amazes me how quickly we can forget the cold weather that has been in our area for way too long.

This is what happened on Sunday!  I said we had a weather curve ahead...Wow what a winter.  This is the reason I was so excited to actually get out and ride even if it was just a few hours.