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Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Case of the Missing Glove

After long last we are seeing some warmer weather.  Now that isn't saying it is perfect by any means. If we are to get warm weather in Oklahoma, it has to be blown here, and blow-in it has been doing!  We are having a fairly mild day today.  Winds are only 20 gusting to 35.  :)

The day has folded out to be one that gives us a chance to get on the bike for a little spin.  We need to make a trip to Norman, and drop something by the kids house, so what better way to do it!  Chuck ask me what bike we should ride today.  I opted for Ginger the Harley!  She hadn't been out in a while, so we might as well charge her battery up.

Amazing when you get ready to ride all the things you have to remember.  One thing for sure is even though it is in the 60's, it doesn't feel like it, so layers go on.

As we get the bike out and ready to go, I am having an issue with my movable peg.  It won't release.  So of course Chuck has to get off the bike, and he can't get it to budge either.  He heads back into the shop to get something to persuade it, and I finally get the button to release.  Back on the bike, we are ready to head out.

Since the bike has been sitting, we need to make a stop and get some gas for it.  We pull into our usual station, and I get off.  I am amazed at what I see on the tour pack luggage rack.  There is a black Harley glove sitting on it.  My reaction is "what the heck", and Chuck's reaction is not exactly those words...LOL....Looks like we have taken off on our little trip and there was a set of (not cheap) Harley Davidson gloves on the luggage rack.

I am so surprised that the glove is on there, and as I reach to take it off, it seems the Velcro has wedged itself between the chrome and that is why it has tagged along with us these 5 or 6 miles.  So to say the least, we get our gas, and head back to where we started.  As we ride,  we both have our eyes peeled for a black lonely Harley glove.  The wind is so bad, who knows where it might be, or if we will find it.  I feel sure we will find it very close to the house.  Surely!

Lonely Glove Looking for its Mate
We make our way down Main Street Yukon...nothing.
We head north on Highway 4...checking on both sides of the road...nothing.
We then turn west on Wilshire.....and about 200 feet from the Hwy 4 turn, we see it....The lone glove...Just sitting there in the grass....waiting!

We turn the bike around, and I get off and pick up this rogue glove.  So glad to see you back with us.  Too darn expensive to loose you!  I put it in the tour pack with the other one.  Now we are ready to ride!  Good gosh, is that what getting old is all out  :))

Our ride to Norman was without incident...LOL...and it was very nice as we had that crazy wind pushing us all the way.  We had a great visit with the kids and decided we better start back towards the house, as it was going to get quite cool after the sun sets.

One thing I really enjoy are our wonderfully colored sunsets.  Tonight was no exception.  The color this evening was pink.  It was really spectacular.  I was trying to take pics on the back of the bike, and it proved to be a bit tricky.  Everything I wanted to take a picture of was almost to the back of me.

Our largest building in Oklahoma City was alive with all the colors in the sky.  We didn't drive that close to it, but I was able to get a picture of it anyway.

The sky to the east had a lot more clouds, so they were drenched with the beautiful evening colors.  I took a picture looking into the rear view mirrors on the bike, but again, didn't capture what my eyes saw.

As we get into Yukon, the sky is calming down, but I was still able to get a pretty neat picture.  So we end this ride with a really nice sunset, and we are home before the sun sets.  Great little bike ride even though we had to play hide and seek with a glove.  Guess that's what makes a day an experience.