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Monday, February 24, 2014

Good weather=let's ride

There was a discussion over dinner last night as our FNDR group got together and ate at The Frosted Mug.  The discussion was about taking advantage of the great weather that the weathermen have assured us of for Saturday.

Lynn and Keith mentioned they were going to ride to Davis, OK. To eat at Smokin Joe's BBQ.  Chuck says he had heard great things about it and wants to try it.  The guys mastermind the plan for us to meet up with Lynn & Keith as they will be coming from Duncan and we will be leaving from Yukon.  

We leave the house at 10am to make the hour and forty five minute ride to our meeting spot outside of Davis.  The weather is warming up nicely, but I think they missed the mark just a bit on the wind. Everything we had heard about the wind was that it was going to be light.  Well, it's not!   Hey, it's not that 50 mph stuff we have just had, but it wasn't light either.  I finally checked one of the weather apps on my phone and it shows it is about 20mph.  I believe that one!  Just a typical breeze for us, and maybe to the weather people that never seem to stick their heads out of the studio.....they might want to get outside every now and then and see what is actually going on.   LOL

We make it to the meeting spot at 11:45am, and looks like Lynn & Keith have brought some friends with them.  We are always glad to meet other bikers.  Today we met Shane & Karen.  They live down the street from Lynn & Keith.  

Bedsprings on the ceiling
We need to get on to Smokin Joe's, as Lynn's brother, Dave and his girlfriend, Lynn are waiting for us.  It is a short ride to the BBQ joint.  We get off our gear, and head in to eat.  First thing I noticed was the ceiling of the place was decorated so cute.  They have a table and chairs hanging upside down as you walk down the serving line.  They also have so pretty witty t-shirts on display ad well.  The way they are displayed is so cool.  They have taken old bed springs and attached them to the ceiling.  They are using the springs to hold the hangers with the t-shirts.  Eye catching for sure.

The food was as good as we had heard it was.  You really don't go away from Smokin Joe's hungry that's for sure.  We enjoyed visiting with everyone as well.  Dave & Lynn make their exit, and we sit and chat a little longer. 

We girls took turn going to the restroom, and got a big kick out of the ladies side.  Two toilets with no divider wall.  It really was a one holer, but I guess if you need it, it can be two.....Of course it was picture worthy!  

As we get back in the bikes the temperature is going up.  A few less layers of clothing were needed.  Oh Spring, how I wish you would get here. 

Shane & Kathy

Off Roadin!  
Keith leads us on a nice ride around and through the town of Doughtery. Not much of a town, but definitely four wheeler country.  With that being said, we got to ride on a bit of unpaved road.  I told Chuck it's nice for this to happen to someone else, as it seems we can always find a stretch of dirt road!  ;)  LOL

Much too quickly we are back to familiar places, and our last stop is the fried pie stop at the Davis exit.  They were very tasty as usual, and I know the calories were removed from them....yep, sure they were.  

We make our way back to the gas station that we met up just a few hours ago.  Gassed up and ready to let the brisk southerly wind push us back towards Oklahoma City, we say our goodbyes.  Really enjoyed meeting Shane & Kathy and hope they can make some of the FNDR with Lynn & Keith!  

We are home before 5 and have all our gear put away.  The temperature is about to swing again this evening.  Wind is turning to the North and supposed to have a cooler day tomorrow.  It was a great day to be on the bike, and looking forward to many more this year.

Before Waterlogue
I had to show off an new app I have on the Iphone.  It is called Waterlogue and I think it is really cool.  Turns a picture into a watercolor in a moments notice.  You might have to try it out yourself.  I think it was worth the purchase.  :)
After Waterlogue

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Life is Very Short.

What do you say to your BFF when she loses her one and only sister to Breast Cancer?  I hope to be there for whatever she needs.  Our dear friend Diana's sister lost her two year battle with that dreaded disease.

The sad part about Debi's passing is that she chose to keep her progress so hush hush that none of us had any idea it had come to this.  She was the type that just kept it to herself.  I give Debi very high praises for keeping everything under wraps but it sure is very shocking to the family.  

My sweet friend Diana is devastated.  It is so hard to try to say comforting words because as you can understand the family is still not sure this is actually happening or just a bad dream.  

I had only met Debi a few times, and I could see the amazingly fun filled person she was.  We attended her Memorial  and it was a very nice celebration of her life on this Earth. There were a lot of people at the Memorial so it makes it even more evident how much this girl was loved.    

I guess I am writing this to let Diana know how very sorry I am for her and her family's loss. I also wish I had some eloquent words that could let them know how my heart aches for you, but I don't.
I will be here for you if you need me dear friend of mine.
Heck, isn't that what friends are for!  

Love u girl!  

Monday, February 17, 2014

25th Annual CA Poker Run 2014

If you live in Oklahoma and you own a bike, you have probably heard of the CA Poker Run.  CA by the way stands for Candy Ass.  The ride is always in February, and the original date this year was February 9th, and because of all the crazy weather we have had, was moved to the date of February 16th.

Chuck & Allen

My how different the weather can be in a week.  We had snow and ice on the ground on the 9th.  Was not safe for all those bikes to be out on the road.  I know, you say, but it's the Candy Ass ride, so why not.  It is a safety thing.  You actually have a lot of "newbies" and people that only fire up their bikes once or twice a year, and I for one, am not interested in sharing the road with those idiots.  (Oh, did I say that out loud?)

Our day started around 9am, and we headed to Harley Davidson World in Oklahoma City, to meet up with a few friends that would be riding today as well.  As we pulled up, it looked like today was going to bring out a lot of bikers.  The weather was to be in the low 60's, and the wind was going to be blowing, but again, we ARE in Oklahoma!

Doreen and her "Sweet Ride" 

The route was surprisingly short this year.  It only covered a little over 80 miles.  Chuck and I brought up the rear as Allen lead our little group of bikes (about 8) to the designated stops.  We drew our hands for the poker run, and moved on to the next stop.  The weather was really cooperative today and other than the wind it was a beautiful day.

My Captain!!!  

The next to he last stop Chuck and I left the group and headed to the final stop.  We have a Birthday party for our grandson at 4:30 today, so we wanted together back to the house and get the vehicle, to make to the party in time.   Everything worked perfectly, and we left our tickets with Allen & Doreen just in case we win something.

It was a nice day to be on the bike, but I sure missed our friends Diana & Chris.  The recent loss of Diana's sister kept them away this year.  

Thanks to our leaders Allen & Doreen.  And by the way, talked to Doreen later and as usual we were losers!!!  None of us went home with any gifts or money, but maybe next year?!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Full Moon on Valentines Day 2014

What is a person to do when there is a beautiful full moon, and it just happens to be on Valentines Day.....

Our Friday Night Dinner group had reservations at Baluu's.  We had 13 strong sharing the table this week. Baluu's had a special that includes a gigantic steak, baked potato, green beans, salad and chocolate cake. Wow, we really had a feast.  By the way it was extremely good too!

Other than us all being "stuffed" by the time we left, I think the full moon was kind to all of us this month.  :)
Thanks to all who participated.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

And Now There Are Two...A Tribute to "Mans" Best Friend

This blog is a tribute to one of the best dogs a person could ever ask for.  I know, it might seem funny to some people to write about your 14 yr. old dog that went over the Rainbow Bridge, but if you have ever had a furry person in your life, you will understand.

I write this with tears in my eyes, as we lost our wonderful Australian Cattle Dog aka Blue Heeler to age this last week.  We will miss you sweet Sydni.

I have to eulogize a bit, and tell you that was only 5 weeks old when she came to live with us in 2000. Her mom was Red and her dad was Blue, and Sydni was Red in front and Blue towards the back.  As she aged, she really looked more like a Red Heeler.

We had never had a Heeler and had not really researched that much about them, but we quickly learned of their devotion and eagerness to please their owner.  Sydni was my husband's dog.  She would sit with him, and follow him everywhere.  She had a very bobbed tail, and it made her a bit heavy in the front.  This made the trips in the back of the truck something I would almost dread, as she would lean over so far, I was scared she would fall out.  She never did, and oh how she loved to "Load Up".

Left: Roxi  Center:Sydni  Right: Belle
Sydni was the only dog we have ever had that watched TV.  She really disliked the "AFLAC" duck... and if she thought for one minute she heard that word, she would bark and run to the TV.  With that being said, she was not found of any type of animated cartoons.  She was a mess...and we loved all her little quirks.

Her favorite movie was "Last of the Dogmen".  She watched the whole movie, and never for a moment took her eye off the TV.  The movie had a Blue Heeler by the name of Zip in it.  That was another trigger word that you couldn't say.  If you mentioned Zip she would start barking.
2007 with "Little" Sister Belle

The dog had not a bad bone in her body.  She loved everyone.  She really loved kids, and she was just a very well rounded dog.  Very obedient, until it came to brushing her.  She didn't like to be brushed.  Strange how that was the one thing she really disliked a lot.

Sweet Sydni had developed arthritis in her front legs, but she was able to get around with the other 2 dogs, but just not as fast.  She was a Frisbee catching fool in her younger years.

Sydni left this world in her own way.  She had quit eating for three days....walked out to the garage and laid down on her dog bed.  She stayed in that same spot until she took her last breath.  She was at peace.

Sydni was the oldest and has two sisters, Roxi and Belle.  They will miss their big sister and matriarch, as Sydni was the Alpha.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  Who will take that top spot?  I can see the battle already being played out.

How do you say goodbye to such a wonderful dog that has been in your life for 14 long years, and gave you the most unconditional love that anyone could ever do.
Thanks you Sydni for being a part of our lives and alloying us to be your Mommy & Dad.  We will always remember and love you.