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Monday, February 17, 2014

25th Annual CA Poker Run 2014

If you live in Oklahoma and you own a bike, you have probably heard of the CA Poker Run.  CA by the way stands for Candy Ass.  The ride is always in February, and the original date this year was February 9th, and because of all the crazy weather we have had, was moved to the date of February 16th.

Chuck & Allen

My how different the weather can be in a week.  We had snow and ice on the ground on the 9th.  Was not safe for all those bikes to be out on the road.  I know, you say, but it's the Candy Ass ride, so why not.  It is a safety thing.  You actually have a lot of "newbies" and people that only fire up their bikes once or twice a year, and I for one, am not interested in sharing the road with those idiots.  (Oh, did I say that out loud?)

Our day started around 9am, and we headed to Harley Davidson World in Oklahoma City, to meet up with a few friends that would be riding today as well.  As we pulled up, it looked like today was going to bring out a lot of bikers.  The weather was to be in the low 60's, and the wind was going to be blowing, but again, we ARE in Oklahoma!

Doreen and her "Sweet Ride" 

The route was surprisingly short this year.  It only covered a little over 80 miles.  Chuck and I brought up the rear as Allen lead our little group of bikes (about 8) to the designated stops.  We drew our hands for the poker run, and moved on to the next stop.  The weather was really cooperative today and other than the wind it was a beautiful day.

My Captain!!!  

The next to he last stop Chuck and I left the group and headed to the final stop.  We have a Birthday party for our grandson at 4:30 today, so we wanted together back to the house and get the vehicle, to make to the party in time.   Everything worked perfectly, and we left our tickets with Allen & Doreen just in case we win something.

It was a nice day to be on the bike, but I sure missed our friends Diana & Chris.  The recent loss of Diana's sister kept them away this year.  

Thanks to our leaders Allen & Doreen.  And by the way, talked to Doreen later and as usual we were losers!!!  None of us went home with any gifts or money, but maybe next year?!