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Monday, February 24, 2014

Good weather=let's ride

There was a discussion over dinner last night as our FNDR group got together and ate at The Frosted Mug.  The discussion was about taking advantage of the great weather that the weathermen have assured us of for Saturday.

Lynn and Keith mentioned they were going to ride to Davis, OK. To eat at Smokin Joe's BBQ.  Chuck says he had heard great things about it and wants to try it.  The guys mastermind the plan for us to meet up with Lynn & Keith as they will be coming from Duncan and we will be leaving from Yukon.  

We leave the house at 10am to make the hour and forty five minute ride to our meeting spot outside of Davis.  The weather is warming up nicely, but I think they missed the mark just a bit on the wind. Everything we had heard about the wind was that it was going to be light.  Well, it's not!   Hey, it's not that 50 mph stuff we have just had, but it wasn't light either.  I finally checked one of the weather apps on my phone and it shows it is about 20mph.  I believe that one!  Just a typical breeze for us, and maybe to the weather people that never seem to stick their heads out of the studio.....they might want to get outside every now and then and see what is actually going on.   LOL

We make it to the meeting spot at 11:45am, and looks like Lynn & Keith have brought some friends with them.  We are always glad to meet other bikers.  Today we met Shane & Karen.  They live down the street from Lynn & Keith.  

Bedsprings on the ceiling
We need to get on to Smokin Joe's, as Lynn's brother, Dave and his girlfriend, Lynn are waiting for us.  It is a short ride to the BBQ joint.  We get off our gear, and head in to eat.  First thing I noticed was the ceiling of the place was decorated so cute.  They have a table and chairs hanging upside down as you walk down the serving line.  They also have so pretty witty t-shirts on display ad well.  The way they are displayed is so cool.  They have taken old bed springs and attached them to the ceiling.  They are using the springs to hold the hangers with the t-shirts.  Eye catching for sure.

The food was as good as we had heard it was.  You really don't go away from Smokin Joe's hungry that's for sure.  We enjoyed visiting with everyone as well.  Dave & Lynn make their exit, and we sit and chat a little longer. 

We girls took turn going to the restroom, and got a big kick out of the ladies side.  Two toilets with no divider wall.  It really was a one holer, but I guess if you need it, it can be two.....Of course it was picture worthy!  

As we get back in the bikes the temperature is going up.  A few less layers of clothing were needed.  Oh Spring, how I wish you would get here. 

Shane & Kathy

Off Roadin!  
Keith leads us on a nice ride around and through the town of Doughtery. Not much of a town, but definitely four wheeler country.  With that being said, we got to ride on a bit of unpaved road.  I told Chuck it's nice for this to happen to someone else, as it seems we can always find a stretch of dirt road!  ;)  LOL

Much too quickly we are back to familiar places, and our last stop is the fried pie stop at the Davis exit.  They were very tasty as usual, and I know the calories were removed from them....yep, sure they were.  

We make our way back to the gas station that we met up just a few hours ago.  Gassed up and ready to let the brisk southerly wind push us back towards Oklahoma City, we say our goodbyes.  Really enjoyed meeting Shane & Kathy and hope they can make some of the FNDR with Lynn & Keith!  

We are home before 5 and have all our gear put away.  The temperature is about to swing again this evening.  Wind is turning to the North and supposed to have a cooler day tomorrow.  It was a great day to be on the bike, and looking forward to many more this year.

Before Waterlogue
I had to show off an new app I have on the Iphone.  It is called Waterlogue and I think it is really cool.  Turns a picture into a watercolor in a moments notice.  You might have to try it out yourself.  I think it was worth the purchase.  :)
After Waterlogue