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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Life is Very Short.

What do you say to your BFF when she loses her one and only sister to Breast Cancer?  I hope to be there for whatever she needs.  Our dear friend Diana's sister lost her two year battle with that dreaded disease.

The sad part about Debi's passing is that she chose to keep her progress so hush hush that none of us had any idea it had come to this.  She was the type that just kept it to herself.  I give Debi very high praises for keeping everything under wraps but it sure is very shocking to the family.  

My sweet friend Diana is devastated.  It is so hard to try to say comforting words because as you can understand the family is still not sure this is actually happening or just a bad dream.  

I had only met Debi a few times, and I could see the amazingly fun filled person she was.  We attended her Memorial  and it was a very nice celebration of her life on this Earth. There were a lot of people at the Memorial so it makes it even more evident how much this girl was loved.    

I guess I am writing this to let Diana know how very sorry I am for her and her family's loss. I also wish I had some eloquent words that could let them know how my heart aches for you, but I don't.
I will be here for you if you need me dear friend of mine.
Heck, isn't that what friends are for!  

Love u girl!  

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