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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Day and Exactly where does that road take you?

After all the Easter Eggs had been hunted, and the kitchen was cleaned up, and the kids headed to their next designated stop....the house is quiet....Very quiet.

Chuck went out to the shop and was messing around and sweeping out some of the leaves that had accumulated over the winter from hell.

I digress to a week ago, and my mom and I was coming across I-40 (the New and improved I-40) and I noticed a car on an overpass that had not been opened yet, or so I thought.  I made a somewhat mental note to mention to Chuck about my latest find.

We were on our way to Norman for Easter Services on Saturday, and as we approached the area of the road, the sign says "Crosstown Blvd.) what the heck!  We go to the kids after church and as we make our way back home we discuss finding out where this road goes, but decided to save it for a later time.

Now we are to Sunday...and as we are cleaning out the shop, I mention to Chuck about the "road"....and he suggest we get on the bike and find out where it goes.  What an awesome idea.  Didn't take us long to get on the bike and head east to the Crosstown Blvd.  Exit 148B to be exact.

The weather has been very overcast, and had a little light mist a couple of times, but nothing to mess up Easter Egg Hunts!  So the thought of rain was not even in our vocabulary today.

The exit is ahead, and we make our way through traffic (only kidding, you know we are in Oklahoma) and before you know it we are on the Crosstown Blvd.  The bridges are new, but as soon as the bridges end, there is a strong sense of knowing that this road is familiar.  The reason it is familiar is because it was part of the old I-40.  There are two exits on this stretch of road.  You can get off at Penn. or you can continue to roads end and it drops you off on Reno...right in front of the Farmers Market.

Well, how about that.  A new (old) road that was a little fun to ride on.  It wasn't busy at all, and would make a perfect road for getting to downtown without all the stop lights.

We not only exit on the new road, we back track and find the entrance to the Corsstown Blvd. as well.  I am glad the road planning people made another entrance and exit to get to and from the Thunder games.  This will help traffic on game nights for sure.

 As we get closer to home, we pass a field of Canola that was blooming.  With the slow start up of Spring, they are not blooming as vibrant as last year, but I am sure they will be beautiful in a few
more weeks.  I had to grab a shot as we drove by.  I just love the color!!!

We make our way back to the house and even though it was just a little ride, it just rounded out a great day with our family.  I hope everyone had a great Easter, and if you ride, I hope you got to get a little wind in your face as well.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Good Friday and Ginger the Harley

Yes, it is Good Friday.  We are all preparing for Easter with family and friends.  Our usual Friday group (FNDR) had a bi- week cause I just didn't want to plan anything this week.  Plain and simple.

The town of Duncan was having  their first car show of the year.  Our friends Lynn and Keith had mentioned it last week, so Chuck and I decided to go and check it out.

We didn't got on the road until about 5, and I think Ginger the Harley is glad to be out enjoying this weather too.   We grabbed a quick dinner as we rolled through Chickasha.   I text Lynn as we got close to Duncan to see where we would meet up with them.  According to her directions, we weren't sure where we were going, but I googled the tire company she referenced to and knew exactly where to tell Chuck to go....LOL

As we pulled up to the area, Lynn & Keith and their dog Bella were standing by the road blocks, moving them for us to park by them.  What a plan.  Of course Chuck had to give Lynn a hard time about her directions. ;)

The place was hopping with cars, bikes, and people.  They were doing burn outs in an area.  The noise from burning tires and car engines was making Miss Bella a very nervous doggie.  Poor little girl.

We walk over to Main Street and watch some of the cars that are cruising it.  It cost them $10 to get this privilege.   There a lot of beautiful cars parked for everyone to see.  Our friends Larry and Carla had their 55 Chevy truck parked for all to see.  Sure brought back memories of my childhood.  My dad always had one of those type trucks in the garage and it was our "winter" project.  Loved being a tomboy with my dad!

Some of the "bling" I got  :)

Lynn wanted me to see this cute store called Prairie Rose.  OMG,  you aren't going to believe it, but they are open.  A car show and retail therapy all in one swift getaway.  Doesn't get much better than this.

Of course I came out with a bag of stuff.  Imagine that.  I love coming to the small towns and shopping. What a catch! By the way, let it be known that they had Easter eggs filled with discounts, and I got an extra 25% off my purchase.  Big, big smile. ;))

Carla shows up and we had to go back in the store....oh my..twist my arm.  We oohed and aah ed a little bit more, but came out empty handed this time.

Almost 9pm and it's time for us to start back towards Yukon.  What a fun evening, just wish it could have lasted longer.  Now we know how our Duncan friends feel on Friday night when they have to leave and make the hour and a half ride back to their home.

We say your goodbyes, and hit the rode.  It's around 10:30 by the time we make it back to Yukon. Nice and different FNDR for us.  Hopefully the weather is going to start cooperating, and there will be a lot more riding in the future.

Happy Easter to everyone :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mother Nature has to be joking??!! It's April

Mother nature is still trying her best to mess with Spring in Oklahoma.  We have had some really nice the 80's, and way to warm for this early....and the wind....oh my, it has been terrible.  Gust to 40-50 miles per hour.  Then we have the freeze warning.  We actually hit a record of 27.  At least the frost stayed away, so all the blooming fruit trees, and redbud trees have been spared.  We actually had snow on Monday...yes, we did!!!  Didn't stick, but it snowed!!!  

We have been able to ride to a FNDR and I have to say it was wonderful.  We ended up riding to drink Margaritas and watch the Street Rod Nationals parade down the street.  We were a mile off the chosen route, but there were a few that drove by.  I don't think anyone even noticed if any cars actually drove by or not.

As we sat and discussed the world, Keith, Lynn, Carla and Larry our friends from Duncan pulled up and joined us.  They had come down and was a mile over from us, and had a feeling we would be at our usually place. predictable!!!

The temperature was great for riding.  Too bad we are only going to have one more day before Mother Nature is very cruel to us again.

Our granddaughter is playing soccer Saturday, and even though we have high winds, it is going to be nice and warm so we ride the Goldwing to the game.  They weren't kidding about the wind gust...It was terrible.  Thank goodness we got a little reprieve when we rode North and South.

We went to our kids house, and Cash our grandson was insistent on getting on "Pop's" bike.  He loved it.  Got to turn it on and even honk the horn.

Wonderful day to spend with our family, and we even got to ride a little bit.  Time to put Snow the Goldwing back in the shop and I just know very soon we will have her out again and riding to who knows where...but riding we will do!!!