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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Rollin' Thunder Rally 5-3-14

My view this morning
I am not sure how many rally's and poker runs we have been a part of in our 13 yrs of bike riding, but I know we have been a part of quite a few.  Some are good and some are bad, and to be truthful, they just aren't my cup of tea anymore.  With that said, we decided to go to this one.  Friends are going too, so that will make it more fun.

Chris & Diana 
Our morning started out pretty early.  Diana & Chris come to our house and drop off their lawn chairs for the festivities later in the evening.  We are meeting at our local Baluu's Restaurant at 8 am for breakfast.  I mentioned to Diana that I was not that excited about this, and she said the same thing.  At least I am not the only one!

As we pull into the parking lot of the restaurant, there is a Harley parked up front, and to tell the truth, that is the only thing in the parking lot!  Mai greets us, and says something about are we sitting with this guy.  We knew we were meeting another rider there that Alan had invited, but wasn't sure.

The guy (we later learn his name is Kevin) is the "other" rider.  We sit down at the table, and introduce ourselves.  Breakfast has been ordered, and we see Doreen & Allen pull up.  We were actually early, and they made it right at 8am.  What a team!

Enjoyed a nice breakfast and go to talk and discuss the day that was ahead of us.  Time to head to the Rally staging area and pick up our packets.  We had pre-registered a month or so ago.

Brian & Nan

As we park, we see Brian & Nan walking our way.  They tell us to fill out another waiver form and shows us the way to the forms.  Our forms are filled out and we move to the area to pick up the packets.  It was very easy, and we get ours without a hitch.

We look in our packet and check out the official t-shirts that we got for early registration.  There were supposed to be these credit card looking things in there that you go and get scanned for the entry to win a Harley.  For some reason, Diana, Chris, Chuck and I did not have any in our packet.   (like we need another bike)  Just another one of those things that aggravated you about these runs.

Let it be known that this whole Rollin' Thunder Rally has been kinda half baked from the beginning.  The cards were just one of the very minor things that happened.  You see they originally said if you were one of the first 500 to register, you got tickets to both nights of concert.  First night was Lynard Skynard, and then Saturday night was Big & Rich.  Sooo, we waited and waited on the Skynard tickets, and they never came.  Doreen checked on it, and Oh....well.....uhhhh....there is no Friday Night tickets for you.  But you could pay for them.  Nope, don't think so!

The bikes are to leave out at 10:00am and last bike in by 5:00pm.  OK we can do that.  The guys look over the route and get it organized.  It is time to get in line to leave out and a lady is standing in front of the bikes and says that our map & directions has a "Route A or Route B" on them.  This determines where you line up.  Kevin was the only one with a "B" so Nan gave her map to him.  Not sure that one bike would really matter, but she was fast she said...I am just a passenger, so doesn't matter if I am an "A or B" ....well, duhhh...Too early in the morning for me to think that fast.  LOL  Thanks Nan for being on top of it.

OK, back to the ride...Our first stop was Papa's Leather Barn.  They had everyone ride to the back of the business.  We park on the grass with all the other bikes, and draw our first card.  We are back on the bikes pretty quickly, and off to the second stop.  Bikinis Sports Bar to be exact.

Keith lead this leg of the ride.  He knew exactly how to get there and what lane to be in since his son had worked at this restaurant a few years back. By the way our little group had 7 bikes.  Keith and Larry met us from Duncan, and then we have Doreen & Allen, and Diana & Chris, Kevin and then Chuck and I.



The next stop is the Kickapoo Casino, and as we leave Bikini's and it is 11:30 the subject of food comes up.  The route is having us travel down N. 23rd street, and I suggest a BBQ place that is in Spencer.  It is along that route.  I couldn't remember the name of the place, but pulled up on my phone, and gosh it is called Spencer's BBQ.

Look at those bikes!!!  

Chuck is lead again, and we make our way down the highway to N. 23rd.  Sure enough, just like I remembered it.  The restaurant was on the south side of the street, and we made our way in to eat some really good food.
Parked to eat at Spencer's.  

Chris & Diana 

Stuffed and ready to get on with it, we have Allen lead us to the Kickapoo Casino to draw our third hand of the day.  They actually have an area away from the casino to pull in which helps keep the area a little more safe for bikes and cars as well.

Allen & Doreen 

Remember our "packet"?  Nan ask if we are going into the casino.  We have a voucher for $10 free play.  I don't know when any of us will be back in the area any too soon, so as a group, we decide to go over and try our luck at the casino.

The casino didn't plan too well on this part, as there were only 2 people at the registration booth to sign people up with players cards.  We all stood in line for quite a while, but we got our free play money.  Kevin was giving some more helpful tips on what machines to play and when to play them.  If we keep going at this rate, between Jennifer's hints last night and Kevins today, I just know we are going to be BIG winners, really soon...But, not too soon, cause I am not sure that any of our  pockets were that full after we left.  Oh well, it was fun!

It is time to get to the 4th stop.  Allen takes lead and we are on our way to Moore, OK to Fort Thunder Harley Davidson for our next poker hand.  The wind has decided to start ramping up, but other than that this day was perfect.  Nice warm weather.  Perfect actually!

I think it is around 3pm when we get to the Fort, and we draw our hand.  We shop around a little, and say hi to several people we knew, and as a group we decide it is time to head to our final stop.  Kevin had gone by and gotten his wife, Brenda, so we got to meet her as well so she will be riding with us back to the beginning of the poker run.  You see this run ends where it began...The Downtown Airpark!

After we park we head to where we think the final hand will be drawn.  Well, lets rethink this.  Finally find out that you have to go to the Downed Bikers tent to get last hand and turn in your sheet.

There were only a few vendors set up, and only about 3 food and drink trucks.  Not a very good turn out on that part of the rally...The Helizapoppin Circus Freak Show was set up, and Doreen walked over and asked if we could go in.  Nope..if you want to pay $5 a person, you can go in.  Hmmm, again, we were lead to believe that this was part of our ticket price.  Oh well.

It is after 5pm, and they keep telling people to turn in their poker hand.  At 5:20 they are still announcing this.  Again, the subject of food comes up.  Since we are going to be here for the concert, it is decided we better go somewhere and grab a bite for dinner.

I suggest Frosted Mug and everyone agrees.  We didn't have a lot of time to waste, since they are going to announce the winners of the Poker Run and the winners of the Harley's at 7pm.

Everyone pays and heads back to the rally.  We on the other hand along with Diana & Chris head to our house.  We are going to pick up our lawn chairs for the Big & Rich concert tonight.

I knew I didn't have a winning hand, and I think the other 3 that was with me felt the same way.  As we make our way to the house to get our chairs, I suggest to Chuck that we just drive the car back to the Airpark.  Sounds like a plan...and that is just what we did.  Diana, Chris, Chuck and I put the lawn chairs in the car, and headed back.

As we get back to the park, I get a text from Larry, and he and Keith are heading back to Duncan.  They had another hour drive ahead of them so we totally understand.  Sure missed Keith's wife Lynn, and Larry's wife Carla today.  Lynn was in Washington and Carla had other plans, but they really were missed.

We walk into the concert where the band "War" was playing.  I text Doreen & Allen and get nothing at first.  Finally I hear from Doreen...she is still outside the concert area.  We have already marked our spots so we stay there and enjoy the music and nice weather. Doreen makes her way to us, and informs us that Allen is somewhere filling out paperwork...Oh my, What did he win???

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!  

In about 30 minutes, Allen appears.  Come to find out, he had won $400 with his hand of cards on the poker run....WOW!!!!  Never knew anyone that ever won anything at these deals.  How exciting.

Time to sit back and watch and listen to Big & Rich.

Have to say, it was really a GREAT day.  Remember I wasn't excited about this at all, but have to say, it really was a lot of fun.  Diana and Doreen said the same thing.  Think it might have to do with the company that we had with us  :)

Chuck & I  :)  

The Poker run was 100 miles, so we ended up riding about 150 miles total.  And as they say at the Goldwing events....we had FUN FUN FUN!!!!!

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