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Thursday, May 22, 2014

This Wasn't No "Stay-cation" Vacation (Day 1)

Day 1.

Our day starts around noon by the time we head out from Yukon for our adventure.
The weather is really nice and it looks like we are going to have a great day to ride.  
Our little group consist of 4 adults and 1 teenage boy.  
Doreen and Allen are riding their own bikes, and their son, Brandon is riding 2 up on his dad's bike. 
Let's get this vacation startedThe ride is going as well, until a Schlumberger truck enters the highway.  
The guy has his head buried in his cell phone...and yes, he about takes Allen out.   
We make a quick stop for gas along the way, and Allen comments about this near miss.  
Back on the bikes and we are traveling Highway 6 somewhere in Texas ( I think) and a truck comes over center and just almost hit us.  

Not sure if he was asleep or on cell phone, but really!!!! 
Two near misses and we have only been riding a few hours.  
Allen says as he goes by, the truck behind the one that came over on us was on the CB discussing the near miss with the guy.....

Lunch stop is in Wheeler Texas, at Mel's Diner.  
Really good food!  
As we get going again, the clouds are building out west. 
We are able to skirt them for the most part, but as soon as we made it to Dalhart, Texas, it catches us.  


My man getting ready for the rain  

Rain wind and some hail forced us to take refuge on the south side of a building. 
It blew so hard from the north we kept dry.
Finally back on road and stopped at DQ in Clayton to warm up and dry out a bit.

It is now 55.  We have gone from all extremes today...Dry and hot to cold and wet!!!   

The ride was cool the rest of the way to Raton, NM. 
As we ride through Raton we scope out motels, and decide to go back to one we had stayed about in prior trips. This turn was the first u-turn of the trip!!!  Oh, but let me say, it will not be our last.  

The Mexican restaurant that is in front of the motel is where we have our dinner tonight, and discuss our day, and what is ahead of us as well.  
It was an interesting day that is for sure.  
Hopefully this is all the "Close calls" we will have on this trip.