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Friday, May 23, 2014

This Wasn't No "Stay-cation" Vacation (Day 2)

Day 2

Woke to partly cloudy skies but the sun didn't take long to shine bright.  
Made our ride to Cimarron a very nice ride.  
Our plans are to go to the St. James Hotel for breakfast.  
The St. James no longer has their breakfast buffet, but the food we ordered off the menu was delish!  

Since going to the Red River Rally is an annual thing we do, we pull off at Eagles Nest to gas up. 
As we do every year we take our helmets off at this spot, and start our way up and around the mountain to Red River.   You may wonder why we do this...well, you see, there is a photographer up on the mountain, and as you come around a curve, they take your picture.  

The reason we come from Eagles Nest is because the backdrop is the mountains that are normally still snow capped.  
It sure makes for a pretty picture. We have them back to 2002.  
Times have changed a bit, and now they have a clock as you go by, reminding you of the time your picture was taken.  
11:02 was the time displayed.  
The pictures are ready an hour after your time, so we get parked and walk around and do some shopping for an hour.  
Chuck parks by the Texas Longhorn tent
It is really early on Friday and the rally isn't into full swing yet (which is fine for me)...less crowds so we can do our shopping with ease. 
Doreen, Allen and Brandon find them some t-shirts to buy.  
I almost left empty handed, but at the last minute, I found a sweat shirt that I had to have.  
As cool as it is today, the sweat shirt sounds really nice.
We make it to Pick up our pictures....memories are being made! 

Clouds are rolling in so we head out towards Taos. 
We turn west just on the outskirts of Taos. We missed the weather, and from what I hear later in the week, I guess they really had some rain!  
Nice ride till we stopped for gas just south of Chama,NM. 
You could see the rain coming across the baron field across from the station.  
We put on our much dreaded rain suits, and prepare for a wet ride.  
My first time through Chama, and I can't say I even got to see it, as we were trying very hard to miss raindrops.

The rain doesn't let up until we are about 10 miles outside of Durango.  
Cold and wet we  are ready for this day to be over.
Our motel was not far from some quick food, so we warm up a bit and walk to the local KFC for dinner.
I think we are all tired from this day, so we head to our rooms and get some much needed rest.  

Home for the night