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Monday, May 26, 2014

This Wasn't No "Stay-cation" Vacation (Day 5)

Day 5.

It is going to be a very hot day in Las Vegas.  
We got around and rode over to the Outlet Mall the girl told us about last night.  
We found a great spot to park the bike and trailer, and it was even under a small shade tree.
The mall was very nice, and very large.
Made for a nice morning and it was cool inside, that was one of the best parts about it.
As we get ready to leave, the hot blast of air hits us as we open the door back outside.
The parking lot that was pretty empty when we got there, was now FULL!!!!  
Glad we got a jump on the "rush" to shop.
We grab a bite to eat, and decide to try to find a car wash so we can clean our dirty bike and trailer.
As we make our way to the first set of stop lights, I can't believe it, there is a car wash right across from where we are turning.
Chuck has already made a friend, and we haven't even been there 2 minutes.  
Met a couple of guys that were very interested in the Honda. 
Going to buy them one. 
Seemed that we were the hit of the car wash.
Back at hotel we went out to pool. 
You would think at 100 plus outside the water wouldn't be so cold!
Watching the news they say that it got to 104 today.  
Broke all kinds of records...and yes we were here to experience it....  Reminds me of home  :)