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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This Wasn't No "Stay-cation" Vacation Day 6

Day 6

It was time to move from our Holiday Inn and try to get a room on the Las Vegas Strip.

We got a room at the Luxor for the night. 
One of the reasons we chose the Luxor, we are familiar with where the parking for bikes is located.
We got there around 11am, and went ahead and checked in.  
They will text us when the room is ready for us to move in.
We made our way to the shopping mall. 
Today is very hot as well, so we didn't waste much time working our way through the nicely air conditioned Casino's. 

Chuck bought me some really cool jewelry from the Alex & Ani showroom.  
I love re purposed things, and since this is recycled metal and made in America as well, it was a have to have!!!
Tired of shopping and we get our text that the room is ready around 3pm, so we make our way back to the Luxor.  Our room seemed hot so we turned the air down and decided to go down and eat some dinner. 
The buffet at the Luxor is always a pretty good place to eat, and it was close, so that is where we headed.
After dinner, it was time to feed the machines a little money.  
I say "feed" because that is just what we did.
We are just not gamblers, so losing $50 is just too hard to take, so we go back up to the room and watch our Thunder win their basketball game.
Much to our dismay, our room was still warm.
I called to report the air problem and they said they would have maintenance come up. 
That call was made at 8:30 their time.
Tired and knew we were getting on the roads early we attempted to sleep.
It's warm, but not least we aren't outside like all those homeless people we saw today on the Strip.