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Friday, May 30, 2014

This Wasn't No "Stay-cation" Vacation Day 9

Day 9
Heading towards Roswell this morning. 
First stretch if road has big warning signs about dust storms. 
Hmmm maybe it is going to be windy!!!
I asked Brandon at breakfast if he has enjoyed his trip. He said he had.  
He really has been a trooper and rode most of the way without any type of complaints.
Only thing he has said is the typical kid thing, "are we there yet", and also "his butt hurt". 
The plant of choice out here in this desert like area is the yucca and they are all about ready to bloom. 
We are just too early to see  this.

All the beautiful mountains we were winding our way through yesterday are in the distance today. 
We are traveling the flat roads to Alamogordo NM.
Las Cruses was hot going through town but as we got closer to the mountains on Hwy 70 it starts to cool down. The yucca plants are blooming here.
Love seeing the signs that say we are enterering the White Sands Missle area.

Had to pull over and go through security area...the guy was very nice and just asked if we were all US citizens.
there are just way to many interesting ways a person could answer that but I think the humor just wouldn't be appreciated by our guard that is asking.  
We stop in Alamogordo for quick lunch and then on to Hwy 64. 

Cloudcroft to Ruidosa was a much nicer temperature around the mountains.  
We made a pit stop in Ruidosa, and as we came back out, it was starting to rain a bit.  
It didn't take us long to get back on the bikes and try to get ahead of it.  

Our ride into Roswell.ended up being dry.  
We had to stop at Harley shop in Roswell.  
It is always a cool shop to stop at.  
Chuck says we have logged 2570 miles so far.
Quick souvenir stop in downtown Roswell. 

We are back on bikes and making our way to Clovis for the night.
Hit a little patch of light rain outside of Elida. 
Sure felt nice because it is HOT!  
Made it to Clovis and missed the rain that had been looming over it. 
We got rooms and there was a K-Bobs about a mile away so that is what we did for dinner.
Meeting at 7 in the morning to head home!