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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Blizzard in our garage. ;)

Ms. Blizz 

I am so excited to introduce the newest member to our garage ms Blizz.
I have driven my wonderful FJ cruiser for almost 6 years.
I definitely had a love affair with this car. 
I wish I could say the same for my husband.  
You see he really wasn't excited with FJ.... 
But he always said "it's your car and if u like it that's great."  
I had been looking at other vehicles to possibly replace FJ.  
The suicide doors that are part of ther unique design wasn't really working for me with grand kids car seats and just getting them in and out easily.  
We had gone to a Toyota dealership on Saturday and I got to drive a couple of vehicles that I thought I might like.  
I Was convinced I like the Highlander and the 4Runner. 
Drove the highlander and decided it was too much like my husbands GMC Terrain.  
Decided the 4runner was the one I would love to have.  
I think buying a car is right up there with house buying and a lobotomy.  
We walk out empty handed on this day, but I know exactly the car we are looking for.

Fast forward to June 14th. 
My son knows someone at Fowler Toyota, so we set out around 3 to see what they might have in vehicles. 
We arrive around 4.
The salesman that we meet immediately upon getting out of our car is Kevin.  
We ask for the gentlemen that we were told to ask for.  
He tells us to have Kevin help show us the vehicles they have in stock.  
They have a really tricked out black on black 4Runner Limited but I think since FJ had been that color I was ready for a change.  
Bring on the White. 
Blizzard Pearl to be exact.  
Did I hear the word "pearl"!
If you know me or have followed my blog you will know we had an awesome Harley named Pearl.  Long story short Kevin pulls up this beautiful tricked out Blizzard Pearl 4Runner.  
But remember you have to put your poker face on.  
Yeh, it's nice... But....I was taught well by my husband.  
Kevin suggest we work a deal on this car.  
We did, and by 7pm we rode home in our newest addition.  
Love all the bells and whistles Ms. Blizz has on her.  
She is definately a techy car.  
There is a little learning curve to drive her, but I can assure you, I will figure her out. :)
Got her home safely and she seems to fit perfectly in her new home.  

Fast forward to the next morning.  
I had an appointment about 25 miles away.  
I was so excited to drive Ms. Blizz that morning.  
Finished the measure and headed toward the store.  
Sunroof open...back window open...enjoying the wind in my hair....until....Mr. Bethany Police sees me.  As he comes up to the car he asked me if I knew how fast I was going.  
Guess who was going 45 in a 35 mph zone. 
 Oh yes I was!!!!  
I proceed to tell this nice officer how I can barely start the darn thing.   
He shook his head as I dug out the paperwork showing the sales receipt for the vehicle.  
He holds my drivers license and ask if he will find any outstanding warrants or anything in my driving record.  
My reply is that up to today my driving record is impeccable. 
As he returns from his squad car he is holding a long sheet of paper.  
I am informed that this is just a warning...not a ticket!!!!  Thank you Lord!
He suggested I keep my lead foot out of it, and told me to drive safely, and have a nice day.
Just a day in my life. 
Nothing more!  ;)

I know you are seeing two 4Runners in the picture below.
My husband liked my car so much, he went back on Saturday and got himself one. 
He got the Sr5 Premium.
It was specially made for the 30th Year Anniversary.  
It has been an exciting week around this house for sure. 
Thanks to my husband for the new beautiful car that is now sharing the garage with his great looking one as well. 
Grand kids got to ride in my car the next day, and Cash asked what that smell was.  
I told him thait's "new car smell" 
Cash is 3 yrs. old.  
He told me, "grandma, I like new car smell"
Made me laugh   ;)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Galveston Family Vacation 2014 (day 3&4)

Seems everyone slept quite nicely last night, so after we finish breakfast we put on our swimsuits and head back to the beach.  Who knows what we might find out there today!

We make our way to the beach, and I wish I could say the seaweed had disappeared but it didn't.  It's there and maybe a little taller piles.

The kids play in the sand and we walk the beach looking for shells. The treasures of the sea just aren't out there this morning.

Chuck walks back to the house as he has a conference call to take today.  Wish he was having a vacation like we are, cause we are enjoying every minute of this so far.

We play  a little more and decide to pack up and go back to the house.  We loaded up in the truck, and Heather and the kids were going to walk back, until I offered them a lift on the tailgate of the truck. Wish you could have seen the smiles those kids had on their faces.  Another first for them.

Riding the Ferry, looking for dolphins  

A few more first for the grand kids were, ice cream truck that came by, golf cart ride from a few girls that were neighbors, a ride on a ferry.
We ate lunch out on a pier....just all those great thing a person gets to do with the ocean as your backdrop.

I didn't mention rain because it really didn't rain that much more.

I could write on and on about the little things we did, but going to cut it short and just say that this was one of those vacation moments that will stay in my mind and heart for a very long time.
I love our small family so very much and feel so lucky to spend quality time with all of them.

I just wish my husband could have had a little more vacation instead of work, but sometimes that just doesn't work out.

By the third day Chuck had nicknamed Cash " Seaweed" and Cooper was "Mermaid".
Cooper experienced a lot of " first" and she accepted them with open arms.
Our Abode for a few days

Cash & his Shark Necklace  

On "The Strand" 

Pops with Seaweed & Mermaid

Final evening!!!  

What a smile!  
Cash, wasn't real sure about all his firsts, but he was getting the hang of it by the time we said goodbye to the ocean and seaweed.

Enjoyed this chapter in my life and had to share. ;)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Galveston Family Vacation 2014 (day 2)

We wake to more rain.
There is a new McDonalds on the seawall, so we head there for breakfast.
It is nothing short of a washout at this point.
The rain has really decided to come down, and people are scrambling this morning to stay somewhat dry.
Chuck has some work to catch up on, so the wifi worked out perfectly for that.
I am sure most of you can understand when I say, we just sit there....but it was a nice sit!

We meet up with the "the kids" around 2pm.  The  storms keep rolling in.

The Spot was busy as usual, and we found a couple of tables upstairs, where you could be outside, but covered from the weather.
The food was as good as it always is.
No surprises!!

We can't check into the house until 4, but we go ahead and drive out to it.
It is about 7 miles from 61st Street.
My son found the home we are renting through VRBO.
So far so good, as we drive up.
We try the code to get in, but looks like the door will not open until 4pm sharp!

There was a nice street level place to park both cars and tables and chairs to sit at as we waited for the time to pass, and yes it was still raining!
Finally 4pm, and we get access to the house.
It is nothing short of "nice".
Just as it was pictured on the site.
Lots of stairs and unloaded is done in the next 30 minutes.

The grandkids have found their bunk beds and are quite happy with their accommodations  :)
My mom and Louie get the master suite.
More stairs for them, as they are on the 3rd level.
Heather and I get our shopping list ready, and we leave everyone to go shopping at the Walmart back in town.

The rains continue as we load the truck with our purchases.

As we return to make some dinner for the hungry travelers the rain starts to let up.
We finish up and get changed into beach clothes, and head to the beach.
Time to get some sand between our toes and find some sea treasures.

First time the kids have ever been to the ocean!
The seaweed didn't agree with Cash, our 3 yr old grandson.  He didn't like "seaweed", and truthfully it really didn't feel that great as it wraps around your feet!

But, hey, we are here, and by golly we are going to have some fun!

The outdoor shower is really nice, as we all clean off the sand we brought back.
The kids thought that was just about the coolest thing they had ever seen.

Day 1 at the beach house is about over, and although not a complete day, it has been a lot of fun and very busy.

The kids played with the Jinga game we brought back from our grocery shopping trip.
Enjoyed today and all the "new" experiences the grand kids had.
More to come tomorrow. ;)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Galveston Texas Vacation 2014

Family vacation 2014
Take two great grandparents....add two grandparents....two grand kids...and then add son and daughter in in Galveston Texas for a few days of R&R.
That is exactly what we did.
We have a three bedroom house in the Pirate Beach area for three nights waiting for us.
The weather was a bit different for the month of June, as we got rained on as we headed South.
Texas is in such a drought situation, and we know how desperately they are needing rain, so we didn't complain.
We drove to Galveston and got a motel for the night.
We will meet up with the kids on Thursday.
My mom and step-dad weathered the ride well.
They were excited to get out of town, and since they  hadn't been to Galveston in a lifetime, they looked forward to the trip.
We had been warned about the seaweed, but until you actually see it, you can't imagine how bad it was.

Very strange thing happened as we come to the end of 61st street.
First and foremost, the SMELL....Seaweed decomposing....gassy smell....YUCK!

As you look out onto the water we can see what we thought was a water spout off shore.
I am able to get a picture of it.
Come to find out, the news later reports that Galveston had a tornado....hmmm....guess that wasn't just a water spout....and what are the odds that we would drive out to the seawall and see this...Amazing!!!

The temperature was really pleasant, and we are on vacation.
Life is great.
Enough excitement for one day...we head back to our motel and get some rest, for tomorrow we go to our home away from home.  :)  

Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Night Dinner Ride to Smokin Joes. 6-13-14

Lynn suggested we come to the little town of Rush Springs OK, and have dinner this week.
Seems Smokin Joe's has opened, and we needed to make a run there.
I sent out our usual notice and according to all the people that says they are coming, we are going to have a lot of people there.

We ended up with 13 from the Oklahoma City area, and 10 from Duncan.
The place was pretty small, and we had to sit at different tables, but we made the best of it and chowed down to some really good food.
Not only was it great tasting, but my gosh, there was so much of it!!!
I got the beef sliced and ended up bringing home quite a bit.
The little place was decorated so cute.
Lynn said we had to check out the bathroom.
Nothing like the bathroom at the one in Davis.
This really was cute!
The ceiling had bed springs hung on it, similar to their other location.

It was just a wonderful evening with a lot of great people.

After dinner, we got on the bikes and rode into Chickasha to the DQ  for dessert!
Our weather was perfect for riding this evening.

The sunset was very pretty tonight as well.

I ended up putting on a light jacket as we rode back to OKC via the Turnpike.
I tried to take a picture of the largest full moon I had seen in awhile.
Seems this full moon has come on Friday the 13th.
This won't happen again for something like 30 yrs.
It was beautiful!
As we made our way back to the City, Diana & I thought it was a great idea to swing by Taco Cabana for a margarita.

What a wonderful way to end this Full Moon Friday the 13th..!  (sorry, but I didn't get a good pic of it)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Coopers Frozen Birthday Party.

Our granddaughter turns 6 yrs. old this month.
The theme of her party was Frozen.
I are shocked...LOL
Heather had reserved Journey Church's party area for the 1 pm party.
Looks like mom outdid herself with all the cute decorations. 
And the cake , what can I say....It was awesome!

My contribution to the decorations was a rag banner for the front of the cake table.
Cooper looks so cute in her Frozen clothes 

Everything looked great.

The area has a blow up bounce area and also a great indoor slide and climbing area. 
Great for the kids as well as the parents, as it is very warm and humid today.

Add a dozen or so kids, and have a party extravaganza!

The kids played and had a good time, and then they all gathered around Cooper to watch her open her presents.

It was now time to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles. 

Cooper did a great job of blowing out the 6 tall candles that had been placed on her gorgeous cake.

Heather cut cake and we handed out ice cream cups to all who wanted it.

Before you knew it two hours has passed and the party was coming to an end.

Party favors were handed out along with snowflake cookies.
The favors for the girls that wanted them were jeweled crowns. The boys and yes some of the girls as well got swords.
The swords were really a hit!!!!

What a wonderful celebration for the Princess of Quite A Lot,
Miss Cooper.

Wonderful memories were made today and I for one enjoyed every one of them.

Cash & Pops enjoying the party 

Happy Birthday Cooper...Pops and Grandma love you to the Moon and Back  :)