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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Blizzard in our garage. ;)

Ms. Blizz 

I am so excited to introduce the newest member to our garage ms Blizz.
I have driven my wonderful FJ cruiser for almost 6 years.
I definitely had a love affair with this car. 
I wish I could say the same for my husband.  
You see he really wasn't excited with FJ.... 
But he always said "it's your car and if u like it that's great."  
I had been looking at other vehicles to possibly replace FJ.  
The suicide doors that are part of ther unique design wasn't really working for me with grand kids car seats and just getting them in and out easily.  
We had gone to a Toyota dealership on Saturday and I got to drive a couple of vehicles that I thought I might like.  
I Was convinced I like the Highlander and the 4Runner. 
Drove the highlander and decided it was too much like my husbands GMC Terrain.  
Decided the 4runner was the one I would love to have.  
I think buying a car is right up there with house buying and a lobotomy.  
We walk out empty handed on this day, but I know exactly the car we are looking for.

Fast forward to June 14th. 
My son knows someone at Fowler Toyota, so we set out around 3 to see what they might have in vehicles. 
We arrive around 4.
The salesman that we meet immediately upon getting out of our car is Kevin.  
We ask for the gentlemen that we were told to ask for.  
He tells us to have Kevin help show us the vehicles they have in stock.  
They have a really tricked out black on black 4Runner Limited but I think since FJ had been that color I was ready for a change.  
Bring on the White. 
Blizzard Pearl to be exact.  
Did I hear the word "pearl"!
If you know me or have followed my blog you will know we had an awesome Harley named Pearl.  Long story short Kevin pulls up this beautiful tricked out Blizzard Pearl 4Runner.  
But remember you have to put your poker face on.  
Yeh, it's nice... But....I was taught well by my husband.  
Kevin suggest we work a deal on this car.  
We did, and by 7pm we rode home in our newest addition.  
Love all the bells and whistles Ms. Blizz has on her.  
She is definately a techy car.  
There is a little learning curve to drive her, but I can assure you, I will figure her out. :)
Got her home safely and she seems to fit perfectly in her new home.  

Fast forward to the next morning.  
I had an appointment about 25 miles away.  
I was so excited to drive Ms. Blizz that morning.  
Finished the measure and headed toward the store.  
Sunroof open...back window open...enjoying the wind in my hair....until....Mr. Bethany Police sees me.  As he comes up to the car he asked me if I knew how fast I was going.  
Guess who was going 45 in a 35 mph zone. 
 Oh yes I was!!!!  
I proceed to tell this nice officer how I can barely start the darn thing.   
He shook his head as I dug out the paperwork showing the sales receipt for the vehicle.  
He holds my drivers license and ask if he will find any outstanding warrants or anything in my driving record.  
My reply is that up to today my driving record is impeccable. 
As he returns from his squad car he is holding a long sheet of paper.  
I am informed that this is just a warning...not a ticket!!!!  Thank you Lord!
He suggested I keep my lead foot out of it, and told me to drive safely, and have a nice day.
Just a day in my life. 
Nothing more!  ;)

I know you are seeing two 4Runners in the picture below.
My husband liked my car so much, he went back on Saturday and got himself one. 
He got the Sr5 Premium.
It was specially made for the 30th Year Anniversary.  
It has been an exciting week around this house for sure. 
Thanks to my husband for the new beautiful car that is now sharing the garage with his great looking one as well. 
Grand kids got to ride in my car the next day, and Cash asked what that smell was.  
I told him thait's "new car smell" 
Cash is 3 yrs. old.  
He told me, "grandma, I like new car smell"
Made me laugh   ;)