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Friday, June 27, 2014

Galveston Family Vacation 2014 (day 3&4)

Seems everyone slept quite nicely last night, so after we finish breakfast we put on our swimsuits and head back to the beach.  Who knows what we might find out there today!

We make our way to the beach, and I wish I could say the seaweed had disappeared but it didn't.  It's there and maybe a little taller piles.

The kids play in the sand and we walk the beach looking for shells. The treasures of the sea just aren't out there this morning.

Chuck walks back to the house as he has a conference call to take today.  Wish he was having a vacation like we are, cause we are enjoying every minute of this so far.

We play  a little more and decide to pack up and go back to the house.  We loaded up in the truck, and Heather and the kids were going to walk back, until I offered them a lift on the tailgate of the truck. Wish you could have seen the smiles those kids had on their faces.  Another first for them.

Riding the Ferry, looking for dolphins  

A few more first for the grand kids were, ice cream truck that came by, golf cart ride from a few girls that were neighbors, a ride on a ferry.
We ate lunch out on a pier....just all those great thing a person gets to do with the ocean as your backdrop.

I didn't mention rain because it really didn't rain that much more.

I could write on and on about the little things we did, but going to cut it short and just say that this was one of those vacation moments that will stay in my mind and heart for a very long time.
I love our small family so very much and feel so lucky to spend quality time with all of them.

I just wish my husband could have had a little more vacation instead of work, but sometimes that just doesn't work out.

By the third day Chuck had nicknamed Cash " Seaweed" and Cooper was "Mermaid".
Cooper experienced a lot of " first" and she accepted them with open arms.
Our Abode for a few days

Cash & his Shark Necklace  

On "The Strand" 

Pops with Seaweed & Mermaid

Final evening!!!  

What a smile!  
Cash, wasn't real sure about all his firsts, but he was getting the hang of it by the time we said goodbye to the ocean and seaweed.

Enjoyed this chapter in my life and had to share. ;)