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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bike ride to The Pink Pistol :)

We are having some really awesome weather in Oklahoma this July, and we are going to take advantage of it and ride somewhere today.
Not just "somewhere", but we are going to Tishomingo, OK...
The home of The Pink Pistol....
The cute little shop is owned by the one and only Miranda Lambert!
I have had this ride on my bucket list for awhile, and when Lynn mentioned riding Saturday, she
suggested the ride.

Of course you had to twist my arm!
It was a bit of a girly destination, but the guys were good with it because they got to ride the bikes on a picture perfect day.
We don't leave until around 9:30 so we can meet up with Lynn and Keith at 11:00.
Overcast skies and mild wind...I'm telling you, it was perfect!
I actually wore a hoodie until we got to Tishomingo.
As we make our way through the little town of Davis, there was a long line of bike lights we could see coming our way.
They weren't just any bike...they were Vespas.
Most of the bikes waved at us as we passed them.
My only regret is that I failed to get a picture of this group.  :(
Keith and Lynn are leading us to Tishomingo, and I have to say it was fun riding behind someone for a change.

As we ride into Main Street of Tishamingo, Lynn and I are checking out all the stores we want to visit, but most of all, we see The Pink Pistol.
That is the whole reason for this trip!
We find parking about a block from the shop.
I for one, thought it was a really cute store, and of course, Lynn and I did a little retail therapy.

You know we have to have an official shirt!  (and a few other things)

The Guys in The Pink Pistol  :)

Looks like we have spent enough money that we are given the honorary Pink Pistol bag.

Yep, we both got this day is getting better and better all the time.
Only thing that could have been better was to see Miranda or Blake in person.!!!  :)

After we leave The Pink Pistol, we walk to another little store we saw as we road in.

The girl in the store was so friendly, and mentioned that she saw us ride in.
Lynn & Keith had their tattoo sleeves on, you know the ones, the SPF 50 ones...and I guess the girls in the shop did a double take as we drove by.

Seems the girls really liked their "ink"!  Keith and Lynn are just rebels with all that ink  :)
We asked where was a good place to eat, and the suggestion was for a fish place but it didn't open until 4pm.

There was a little BBQ place a couple of doors down from The Pink Pistol, and they told us that they had really good food.
Looks like we have found a place to get some food, and I am ready!

As we make our way back towards the restaurant, we stop and a very nice gentleman offers to take all our pics in front of the Pink Pistol.  :)

The Rockin Rib was pretty busy as we entered and got in line to place our order.
Since they were pretty busy when we arrived, it took awhile to get our food, but once we got it, there were no complaints at our table.  :)
After we finished eating, Lynn and I walked across the street to check out another
Cute little place directly across from the Pink Pistol.
Shopping excursion was over, and it was time to get back on the bikes and point them towards Oklahoma City.

We rode the back roads home and enjoyed a very nice afternoon ride.
Our route took us towards Shawnee, and as we made a stop to get gas, the word Starbucks came up.
I used my trusty IPhone app, and found that we were only a couple of miles from one in Shawnee.
Great!!!!  I have been wanting to try one one of their new Spicy Root Beers they have been advertising.
Enjoyed our Starbucks moment, and much too soon we got on the bikes again and headed west.
Lynn needed to pick up her computer at the Best Buy on the south side of the City, so we made our way there.
Now Best Buy is my Chuck's favorite shopping store, so all is good in the world.
We shopped around as Lynn talked to the Geeks about her new computer.
Chuck and I met a Doomsday Prepper that worked at Best Buy.
Boy that was an experience!!!!
Have to say if we were in need of a place to go if the end of the world was coming, I think he and his place with all his preparing would be the place to go.

Gosh, when we finished at Best Buy it was time to eat again.
Oh my, so now what do we do?!
We ride over to Joe's Crab Shack right across the highway and have dinner!
The weather is so pleasant we ate outside.
This is just too crazy for July in Oklahoma.
All in all this was a really nice day with some really great people.
We will be seeing a lot more of them in a few weeks, as we head towards Sturgis!!!
Sounds like a trip I need to blog about, don't you think!
Thanks Lynn and Keith for a great ride today  :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

FNDR 7-11-14 and Ginger's 911 Call to the Dealership

Going to be a hot time in Oklahoma City, and what better way to enjoy it.
Burgers and motorcycles go together, right!
My honey and I took a spin on the Harley, to the tune of about 20 miles, before something happened.
Yep, Miss Ginger decides to have an issue, and not just a little issue, but a pretty important issue.
Our shifter shaft on our beloved 2011 Ultra Classic aka Miss Ginger BROKE!
Lucky for us that we were about 3 miles from our dinner ride, and was able to get off the highway, and make our way through traffic to a resting spot.

Upon inspection, Chuck tells me that zip ties or duct tape wasn't going to fix this little break!!!
Thank goodness Jeremiah
was at Fort Thunder and was able to get someone to come and pick Ginger up.

She is officially at the dealership waiting to be fixed.
Poor Ginger....we can't even drive her 20 miles without something happening to her.

As we talked to our friends over dinner about all the issues this poor bike has had, the word "Lemon" kept coming up in the conversation.
Not sure how long a person has to deal with a true Lemon, but I think this one is getting pretty rank at this point!
Thanks to Tom and Seda for driving us home in their vehicle.
It really was a beautiful evening, and the "Super" Full Moon would have really been nice to see on the bike, but will just have to wait until the next one!
A lot of laughter was shared over dinner as usual!  
Enjoyed the group from Duncan showing up.
I think this is going to be a really fun trip to Sturgis this year.

Won't be long now.
And NO, we will not be riding Ginger to Sturgis.....want to make it there!
(sure hope I didn't jinks our trip by saying that)  LOL

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

We have been Yeti-ized :)

I had no idea buying a cooler could be such an ordeal.
We have been looking at the Yeti, and trying to decide if it was worth the money or not.
Guess we decided it was worth it because we purchased one.
After you decide to purchase one of these guys, you have to decide on a color and what size you want.
We got the Roadie 20..what a cute little cooler.
It is Desert Tan.
I know, you wonder why you didn't get white?
We thought white would show more scuffs.
I have registered it, and am now following the Yeti page on Facebook.
Looks like Yeti has quite a few people that believe in their coolers.
We will see how this works for us, but I have to say we are not ones that use a cooler on a daily basis, so this will just be a limited use Yeti.  :)
Oh my gosh, this is too funny as I am actually writing a blog about a cooler.
So I guess I have been Yeti-ized for sure.