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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

We have been Yeti-ized :)

I had no idea buying a cooler could be such an ordeal.
We have been looking at the Yeti, and trying to decide if it was worth the money or not.
Guess we decided it was worth it because we purchased one.
After you decide to purchase one of these guys, you have to decide on a color and what size you want.
We got the Roadie 20..what a cute little cooler.
It is Desert Tan.
I know, you wonder why you didn't get white?
We thought white would show more scuffs.
I have registered it, and am now following the Yeti page on Facebook.
Looks like Yeti has quite a few people that believe in their coolers.
We will see how this works for us, but I have to say we are not ones that use a cooler on a daily basis, so this will just be a limited use Yeti.  :)
Oh my gosh, this is too funny as I am actually writing a blog about a cooler.
So I guess I have been Yeti-ized for sure.