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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sturgis or Bust (Day 10)

Day 10 Saturday

We wake to a thick fog!!!
We are on the bikes at 6 am

It was so foggy you couldn't even see the Golden Arches that were just down from the motel.
By 7AM it is decided to hit the road. 

The fog is still thick but at least it is brighter out.

Very eerie riding down the road with corn fields on both sides. (Children of the Corn come to mind).

Allen's check engine light came on yesterday evening so we know we will be making a stop at the Harley shop in Salina KS to see what is going on with his bike.
When we made a gas stop Allen informs us his light us off so we will continue southbound until further notice.
The overcast skies stay with us until we get to Salina.
It's time to shed a couple if layers of clothing at our next gas stop.

 I am sure everyone will be adjusting the jacket situation as it really has warmed up.
McPherson KS is the stop. 

So glad to get rid of jackets. 
It's now 82 (humid) degrees. 

Our final gas and food stop was at Tonkawa OK and it gave us a  chance to cool down a bit.
Our final hugs and goodbyes were said as we will be peeling off in different directions to get home.

Diana and Chris are the first to leave the pack. They exit at Guthrie.
We leave the other guys at the Kilpatrick Toll road as we wave goodbye and head west.
Doreen and Allen will make their way to Dibble and split at Tri City.
Keith Lynn Doug and Twana will still have an hour or so until they reach Duncan.
As we get to Guthrie the cloud cover we have seen in the distance meets up with us.
Cools down quickly to 88 degrees...WOW!
Wondering if our Duncan and Dibble group might even get wet?
Couldn't ask for a better ending!

I can not say enough good things about these people. 
We have laughed and even shed a few tears this trip and everyone has been totally delightful.
We have some new Moles in our little group and I can see many more fun times ahead.
Thanks to everyone that participated in this adventure.
Special thanks to my husband Chuck for planning and making this trip happen.
 It was so nice to get the text that everyone made it home safely.

Mileage:  We logged 2743
Diana & Chris logged 2707
Lynn & Keith logged 2719
Doreen & Allen logged 2777
Doug & Twana ????

Thanks to all who participated !!!!!
Chuck you can put this one in the book as about the most perfect ride we have had in a very long time!!!!  No rain to speak of, only 4 u-turns, and 1 dirt road!!!!!  Epic.....   :)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sturgis or Bust 2014 (Day 9)

Day 9 Friday

As we stick our heads out the door to the covered parking it was so nice to see it wasn't raining! 

We have been under a flood watch but thankfully this hasn't come to pass.
Our kick stands were up about the same time as sunrise. I looked at the time and it was 5:56 am.

As we make our way through the mountain towards Sturgis the roads are a bit damp. 

The farther east we go they continue to show signs of rain that has passed through.
Is our leader heading straight towards the rain??!!
Around New Underwood I snap a shot of the skies.

We actually stayed dry!!!!!  

No trip to South Dakota would be complete without a stop at the famous Wall Drug.
We will eat breakfast there.

After we load back up, we make our final tourist stop to The Badlands!  
No trip is complete without riding through them at least.
The overcast skies made the ride through the area very nice.
We stopped and got a few pictures, and then we were back on the bikes with hammer down.

I see a sign that says we are traveling on the Sandhill Scenic Bypass Hwy 2 in Nebraska.
Lots of grasslands and rolling hills to see.
Lunch is in Thedford Nebraska, at a gas station. 
Looks like the only thing out here so we make the best of it and all had subs. 
They were pretty darn tasty too!!  
We have been blessed with mostly cloudy skies to this point and as we get back on the bikes the cloud cover is a little less.

It still extremely good weather for August.
Diana & I are so bored and with all the trains passing we resort to counting boxcars. 
One of the trains had 131 cars.
I told you we were bored!!!!
We r going to ride to York Nebraska and find a place to stop for the night.
The weather has really been perfect today and made this somewhat uneventful ride quite pleasant.
We find rooms in York. 

There is a restaurant next to motel and we walk over there for dinner.
The waitress was young and very witty.
We enjoyed our FNDR in York.

Time to get some rest.  

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sturgis or Bust 2014 (Day 8)

Day 8 Thursday.

It was a free day for everyone.

Chances of rain later in the afternoon kept us pretty close to our town of Deadwood.

We chose to spent the late morning and afternoon riding back into Sturgis so we could ride  by the Buffalo Chip and Full Throttle Saloon.
Doreen, Allen, Diana and Chris went on the little ride as well!  
Buffalo Chip was totally one or anything moving there.
On the other hand the Full Throttle Saloon was open for business.
The little donkey was moving around checking out the people that were there.
It was nice to see where all the filming for the show went on.
I know they are ready to get all packed up and close down as well...seems the sentiments of everyone in the town!!!!

After the photos were taken at the Buffalo Chip and Full Throttle we head to Spearfish Canyon once again.

We stop at the Bridal Veil Falls and get a picture


Diana had suggested we go back to Cheyenne Crossing and eat lunch...oh no.....twist my arm!!!
They are supposed to have these outstanding Indian tacos so that was our next stop.
Have to say they were really good!!!

Getting a few raindrops as we make our way back to Deadwood via Lead.
Time to start packing up, but I needed a few gifts before going back to the hotel.
The gas station was the perfect stop for Diana and I to catch the trolley to go back into  Deadwood so I could shop one last time.
It was a one stop shop kinda deal. 

Got what I needed and we were ready to get back on trolley.
Ran into a few of the Moles milling around and we shared the ride with them.
This particular trolley took us a route I hadn't seen. 

The driver even stopped and we got a new one cause his shift was over.
The new driver was more talkative and pointed out a few things as we made our way through the town.

Back at the hotel, the guys ready the trailers and we all get partially packed and ready for our 6AM start for the ride back home.  :(  
As usual the subject of food comes up, and we all make an executive decision to eat at Cadillac Jacks.
Lynn's friend Corinne and her husband shared our last dinner together as well.
Her husband ordered the Pork Fritter, and the waiter kept telling him it was large.
Oh my gosh...It could have fed the whole table!  
As usual we livened up the somewhat dull restaurant with all our laughter.
A person can never laugh too much, and I have to admit this group can really laugh!  
After dinner we walked back to our usual spot outside on what we named the "veranda"....
We are having a great time talking and then the rain drops decide to interfere!  
I guess it was a sign for us to "go to bed"!!!!! 
Goodbyes were given to our new Canadian friends.
Final pictures were taken with Lynn and Corinne.

Corinne and her husband Allen, are  planning to explore the area a little more and head back to Canada on Saturday!  
I think I speak for everyone that we have had a really nice trip, but like everything, it has to come to an end, so lets point these bikes towards home and make some miles tomorrow!!!  
Goodnight world  :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sturgis or Bust 2014 (Day 7)

Day 7 Wednesday. 

The guys got up early and rode with Chris to Spearfish so they could get the new tires for their trailer.
Lynn, Diana, Keith and Twana went to eat at the buffet at the First Gold building 1.

I think we are finally getting this hotel figured out. 

Carla & Larry had left for home this morning, and Carla text Lynn and said they went by the cemetery we had been told about.
We barely get our food eaten and a text comes in that the guys are done and having breakfast at Cheyenne Crossing...I told you we found it!!!  :) 
The guys make it back to the hotel and we get ready to explore the area a bit.
We ride to the Mt. Moriah Cemetery.  
WOW, the hill to get there and the parking was interesting to say the least.

The entrance looked like a perfect photo op, so I got a kid to take all our pictures.
It was beautiful and oh my, did I mention it was on the side of the mountain. (insert panting here)
I think I would be in a lot better shape if I lived here.....everything is on hill.  
We walked up the road to see Wild Bill and Calamity Jane's final resting spot. 
We make our way back down the hill and go into the little gift shop to get some water.
As we sat out on the picnic bench, an English chap started talking to Doug.
He was talking about the bikes, and Doug told him the blue one right there was his. 
The guy said "wow, what a wicked paint job"....
Well, of course we got a good laugh out of that!!!
I think if Doug hasn't gotten a name for his bike, maybe "Wicked" should be the one.  Just saying!

We ride into Sturgis and ride a canyon for quite awhile. Not wanting to ride to Rapid City we turn around and head towards Hill City.

It's time to eat and we stop at a place called The Country Inn. 
Twana and I got quesadilla that were the size of a large pizza....sure was glad Chuck and I shared this meal.

Back on the bikes for only a minute cause I want to stop at a winery to get my step dad some wine.
They advertise they have Bad Ass Rhubarb Wine, so we better check it out.
We tasted several and all of us came out of the place with at least a bottle :)

We take a road to Rockford and the road turns to gravel for a little over 8 miles.
We were all covered with dust by the end of the road. 

I hadn't laughed so hard thinking about what the ones behind us are thinking. 
When Doug and Keith pull up to us after we "finally" get on concrete again, Doug asked if this was some part of the "Mole" initiating   :))
We all survived!!!!
The trip is now complete because it seems we can always find at least one dirt road per trip.

We get back into Deadwood and stop at the car wash and clean the dust off the bike.
The final stop was back at the hotel and we all were so ready to get in the rooms and take a shower.
We meet in the front of the hotel and catch the trolley to ride it back down the Deadwood to eat at Mustang Sally's.

I have failed to mention that Lynn & Keith are expecting friends from Canada to meet up with us this evening.  
Lynn has a school friend that is "only" 10 hours away in Canada, and are going to drive down to see her.
Wow, that is really impressive!!!

At Mustang Sally's we all have a Habanero Bloody Mary.  
It was really tasty, and the burger I had was very good too.
We finish, and get back on the trolley and make our way back to the hotel.
Lynn's friends have made it into town, so we go back to meet up with them.
We was sitting on the veranda when they show up.
Lots of hugs and laughs from Lynn and Corinne.
It was a lot of fun to hear about their lives in Canada.
We end the night like we have done the last few nights, enjoying tales from new and old friends.
We get a text from Larry and Carla and they have made it safely to Colby Kansas!!!!  
What a great day we have had, eh!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sturgis or Bust 2014 (Day 6)

Day 6 Tuesday

Lynn had spoken about this little restaurant that a friend had told her about called Cheyenne Crossings.
We had tried to figure out where it was at, but none of us could figure it out

Supposed to be in the town of Lead, and we are heading that way this morning.
Our plans are to find a place to eat breakfast and then head to Wyoming, to Devils Tower.
As we make our way through Lead, I am scouting for a place for us to eat.
We are totally out of town, and about the time I was going to tell Chuck, we might be eating at at a
gas station, Diana comes on our headsets.
She says, we just passed that restaurant.
I had seen a place, but didn't catch the name of it.
Exactly what would a morning be without a U-turn???
Yep, we did.
We make our way back to Cheyenne Crossing Restaurant.
It is out in the middle of no where!!!!
That really isn't true, as it is at the junction that you turn to go to Spearfish Canyon.
Who knew!!!!!
Breakfast was really good.  
A very cute and quaint little place.  

Fueled (with food) and ready to get down the road, we ride the sweeping curves and make it to the Wyoming State Line.
Lynn gets her picture and we are on the road again.

As we make our way to Devils Tower, there is a line to get into the park.  
It has warmed up quite nicely, to the point of being HOT!
It was nice to stop and get off the bike, and remove the helmets and find shade.

We have some really ambitious people in our group.

So ambitious, they walked around the tower.  
Then we had some slackers (me included) that sat and waited for them to come back around.
I just had to use my "find a friend" and see where they were at, and this is the picture I saw....LOL

The 1.5 mile hike just wasn't in my plans for today....glad that Lynn, Keith, Doreen, Allen made it around to tell us what the other side looked like!!!!  

We make our way back towards South Dakota, and traveled through Hulett, Wyoming.  

Before you know it we are in the township of Spearfish, SD.
Time to eat and cool down, Chuck pulls into a Burger King to eat some lunch.

Chris and Diana are having issues with the tires on their trailer, so they call the local Walmart to see if they have any of their size in stock.
What is a day without a trip to Walmart?  

We girls haven't seen one in days!!!!
Everyone scatters to their particular department, and we meet up at the main door a little later with our packages!!!!
They have the tires for Chris and Diana's trailer so they will bring it back tomorrow to get them put on.

As we leave the Walmart, we ride Spearfish Canyon back towards Deadwood.

What a wonderful ride it was....the heat we experienced earlier is replaced with a nice cool breeze.

As we come to the end of the canyon, we are at the crossroads of the Cheyenne Crossing Restaurant.
For us to have no idea where this place was at earlier today, now it is so easy to find.  

Back at the room we decide to order pizza and have it delivered. Or so we thought.
No one delivers in Deadwood come to find out.  No One!!!!!
Plan "B" was put into action and Diana placed the order to Papa Johns for 6 pizzas. 

Since our regular area to sit was taken this evening, we made a new sitting area.

Doug even started the golfcart and moved it around so we would have a table to put our pizzas on.
Amazing what a knife blade will do....  :)

Larry went on his bike and picked them up. He didn't even drop one!!!
What a guy !!!

I ask everyone to think about what part of the trip was their favorite as I always do at the end if a trip.

The reason I asked tonight was because Carla and Larry will head towards home tomorrow.
As a token for riding to Sturgis, I gave everyone a little green glass frog for "good luck" that I found in Keystone last night.

The answers below are what everyone told me was their favorite part of the trip: 

Twana says Mt. Rushmore
Doug says Iron Mountain & Needles Highway
Diana says getting to know everyone better
Chris says Spearfish Canyon
Allen says dropping boys off to get to go out of town!
Doreen says Needles Highway and Iron Mountain
Keith says Needles Highway and Iron Mountain
Lynn says Iron Mountain and Spearfish Canyon
Carla says the herd of buffalo crossing the road
Larry says the first time we rode from Sturgis to Deadwood
Chuck says to get to know this great group of people better and Doug's expression on his face when he was asked to go "Camping"....ROFL
My best part is getting to know everyone and all the fun we have had with them.

Day is over, time to sleep....Chris, Chuck, Doug, and Allen are riding to Spearfish tomorrow morning very early to get in line at Walmart to get new tires on Chris's trailer.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Sturgis or Bust 2014 (Day 5)

Day 5 Monday

We head towards Lead to make our way to Mt. Rushmore.
Two u turns and we finally find Highway 385.
The road was being worked on and I finally see the sign laying in the grass....  :(  

We have overcast skies and a pretty cool morning to travel the short ride to our first stop of the Needles Highway.
We pay our $10 entrance fee into the state park and ride through through the area.
Saw two little critters I thought were beaver but Chris says they are marmot. I didn't have a clue!!!!

We stop on the bridge close to Mt. Rushmore and take pictures in the same spot we have done many times before.
Mt. Rushmore was awesome as usual!!!!!   

Moles invade Mt. Rushmore
I think it makes a person feel so American!!!!
We ate lunch there and after everyone was done, we went downstairs to watch the movie they had showing about the building of Mt Rushmore.
We visit the gift shop and purchase our "stuff" and we are ready to head on to another attraction.

Back on the bikes we make our way to Crazy Horse. 
We didn't go inside the gates area but we got a few pics and everyone seemed OK with that.

It was time for a Dairy Queen and gas break at Custer!!!
We ride back on the Iron Mountain Highway again on out way to Keystone.
Some dark clouds were building as we left Custer.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sturgis or Bust 2014 (Day 4)

Day 4 Sunday

We all survived last night and we are heading back to Rapid City as Doreen's bike was ready about 5 pm yesterday.
It is amazing the difference a day makes. Most all the large vendors have packed up and left or getting ready to leave. 

The semis are being filled with the Harley they had for the demo rides. 
The parking lot is empty.

We stay by the bikes and wait for Doreen and Allen to come back with her bike.
In true form Allen is riding bitch and makes for a perfect photo op.
Everyone gets on their bikes and we make another trip to Sturgis so Doreen can truly say she rode her bike there. ;)

We all shop a little more, and have to say, we get some pretty good bargains.
The Harley shop is a must to get photos taken, so we make our way there to do just that.
As we make our way there, Diana sees the funniest sign at one of the restaurants that is just a temporary spot for the rally.

Speaking of food, it is time to eat, so we walk to the Easy Rider for lunch.
Other than getting blue cheese instead of ranch dressing the food was good.
At this point we decide we have done all we can do in the town of Sturgis, so we head back to the bikes.

Time to find some 100% gas for these beast, and Keith had seen a station as we came into town.
All the bikes are filled up and we head back towards Deadwood to explore the town a little more.
The trolley picks you up and takes you downtown for a dollar.
All of us have our money in our hands, and we sit on the trolley and take a scenic tour.
After we have gotten a good view of the town, we chose to be dropped off in the downtown area.
We act like tourist, and walk in all the shops, and get our pictures in the appropriate places.
There was a Mexican food restaurant nearby, so we walk in and get a table.
Of course the Mexican food isn't anything like we are used to, no Tex-Mex here!!!

Dinner is over and a little more shopping is in order before we get back on the trolley.
We girls had gotten our retail therapy in for the day
Chuck on the other hand made friends with a dummy  :)
Lynn made friends with a little green guy.
Chuck got dreadlocks.
We found a very long hallway to the restrooms, and the floors creaked as we walked on them....scary!!

Back on the trolley and we make plans to meet outside on the veranda for some laughs.
Some choose to gamble, but we sat outside and had a little drink or two.
Watching people trying to figure out how to get to their rooms was fun in itself.
There was a girl on the top level, and she seemed to be a little tipsy.
She was having trouble finding her room, her key...about everything.
She asked if we had anything to drink down here...well, yes we do..some really nasty tasting margaritas to be exact.
Here she comes...she doesn't care what it taste like.....oh my.....then the story begins.
Seems she is here from Colorado...working at a bar....trying to make her millions, but of course
hard luck and misfortune seem to interfere with this.
Seems she has gotten picked up by the Sturgis police for a DUI....well,  imagine that
and then the guy she was renting the room from....she couldn't get hold of him, and of course she owes him $300.
The story went on and on.
Quite entertaining, but after awhile we decided to call it a night and go to our rooms.
As we got on the elevator to go to our rooms, Chuck said he was waiting for her to hit us up for money.
What an interesting and colorful person we had met....hope we don't cross paths again, any time soon.