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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sturgis or Bust 2014 (Day 1)

Day 1 Thursday  

Let the adventure begin.
I know you are thinking, you dummy, Sturgis started last week, but you see, this is exactly how we planned it.
We really want to be able to ride the area without all the other 500,000 bikes.
Chuck and I did this a few times, and it made for a more enjoyable trip.
Our plan is to hit Sturgis on Saturday, so we can do the Harley Pin Stop, and explore all the vendors that are there.
We are riding to Sturgis with 10 other people and 7 bikes.  
There are two Goldwings and 5 Harleys in the group...we are riding Miss Snow, and Diana & Chris are riding Angel their Goldwing.
All the bikes are riding two up except our friends Doreen & Allen.
Doreen is riding her own!! 
Everyone seems ready for this adventure and we meet in El Reno, OK  at 10:00am.

Events worth mentioning was the first u turn of the trip. 
Thought we were going to K-Bobs in Woodward, but they had moved across the street, so there lies the first u-turn.
The lunch was very good and we are ready to get on with this.   

Our friend Lynn wanted us to stop at the state lines so we can take pictures, so that is just what we did  :) 

We make our way to Hayes, Kansas and Doug has a friend that suggested we dine at the Gella's Brewing Company. 
What a cool place, and we enjoyed all the laughs that flowed up and down the table.

Sampler beer went over very well too!!!


I think this group is going to be a lot of fun....
Time to rest so we can get ready to make some more miles tomorrow.