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Friday, August 8, 2014

Sturgis or Bust 2014 (Day 2)

Friday  Day 2

Rained last night, but I have to say that I slept through it.  
I don't know if anyone actually knew it until they came out to the bikes the next morning.

We met at the Harley shop at 8am and got a little retail therapy in for us girls!!!
Chuck bought me a cool purse, and come to find out Carla and I are now Twinkies.
Larry bought her one a few days before the trip.
Guess we just have good taste!  

Cloudy and cool start to the day, but by the time we make it to the Nebraska border the sun is out. 
We had very nice temperature for riding considering this is August! 

Allen & Chuck trying to see what is wrong

After lunch at Whiskey Creek in North Platt, Nebraska, we went to the Harley dealership. Doreen's check engine light is on. 

Service couldn't even look at her bike until tomorrow morning. Really??!!  
Allen told them how much he appreciated their help and he would be sure and let Harley know about all about it.  :(

We make a gas stop in Oshkosh, Nebraska.   
It was a 6 pump station but if you are pulling a traitor with your car that means there is only 1 pump per side.
We patiently wait our turns to pump gas.
The bathroom situation was no different...patiently waiting, oh yes we are! 

A large truck and trailer had pulled in as we head back to the bikes and Chris ask Diana to come over to the truck. 
Self Service, I don't think so!   

Seems the people had locked their keys in the truck. 
Diana had on stars phone number and the guy used her phone to contact them to get them to unlock it.
At this point we think we are about ready to get going and we notice Keith is helping a lady maneuver around the pumps to get gas. 
He even pumps it for her. 
Wow what a stop this was. Lol.

Some dark clouds are starting to pop up but we turn directions just in time to miss the rain. There are so many trains coming and going on the tracks, and we see two trains coming directly for each other.
They crossed right as we rode by.  This was the highlight of the next stretch of road.  Way too cool, but I was so interested in watching I failed to get a picture of it.   

The road between Alliance and Chardon developed another thunderstorm to the west of us, but we didn't get a far so rain suits have been used!  
We have reservations in Chadron and the guy made checking in so easy.
Why can't they all be this easy...just sayin  :)  

There is a restaurant across the street and jokingly I told Larry and Carla that we would be going there in 5 minutes.  
I didn't think they took me seriously, but when we came out about 30 minutes later to head to eat, they said that Carla and Larry were there!  
Oh my, I guess I better make plans a little more clearly next time...Sorry guys!  

The poor restaurant will probably never be the same after we have been there.
We laughed and cut up so much....but gosh what fun we had!
After we pay the bill, we walk outside and Chris has to share with everyone his "camping" story.
Camping will never be the same...and if you have heard his story, you know exactly what I am talking about.  
We sit out by the indoor pool and discuss plans and go over what happened today.
There were even discussions on what Mole names the newbies were thinking of. 
I have started a photo stream on my I-Phone so all but 3 of the people (Droid) will be able to add photos they take each day. 
This should make it easy for everyone to access pictures and post the ones they want.
Its that time again to hit the hay...Goodnight world.