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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sturgis or Bust 2014 (Day 4)

Day 4 Sunday

We all survived last night and we are heading back to Rapid City as Doreen's bike was ready about 5 pm yesterday.
It is amazing the difference a day makes. Most all the large vendors have packed up and left or getting ready to leave. 

The semis are being filled with the Harley they had for the demo rides. 
The parking lot is empty.

We stay by the bikes and wait for Doreen and Allen to come back with her bike.
In true form Allen is riding bitch and makes for a perfect photo op.
Everyone gets on their bikes and we make another trip to Sturgis so Doreen can truly say she rode her bike there. ;)

We all shop a little more, and have to say, we get some pretty good bargains.
The Harley shop is a must to get photos taken, so we make our way there to do just that.
As we make our way there, Diana sees the funniest sign at one of the restaurants that is just a temporary spot for the rally.

Speaking of food, it is time to eat, so we walk to the Easy Rider for lunch.
Other than getting blue cheese instead of ranch dressing the food was good.
At this point we decide we have done all we can do in the town of Sturgis, so we head back to the bikes.

Time to find some 100% gas for these beast, and Keith had seen a station as we came into town.
All the bikes are filled up and we head back towards Deadwood to explore the town a little more.
The trolley picks you up and takes you downtown for a dollar.
All of us have our money in our hands, and we sit on the trolley and take a scenic tour.
After we have gotten a good view of the town, we chose to be dropped off in the downtown area.
We act like tourist, and walk in all the shops, and get our pictures in the appropriate places.
There was a Mexican food restaurant nearby, so we walk in and get a table.
Of course the Mexican food isn't anything like we are used to, no Tex-Mex here!!!

Dinner is over and a little more shopping is in order before we get back on the trolley.
We girls had gotten our retail therapy in for the day
Chuck on the other hand made friends with a dummy  :)
Lynn made friends with a little green guy.
Chuck got dreadlocks.
We found a very long hallway to the restrooms, and the floors creaked as we walked on them....scary!!

Back on the trolley and we make plans to meet outside on the veranda for some laughs.
Some choose to gamble, but we sat outside and had a little drink or two.
Watching people trying to figure out how to get to their rooms was fun in itself.
There was a girl on the top level, and she seemed to be a little tipsy.
She was having trouble finding her room, her key...about everything.
She asked if we had anything to drink down here...well, yes we do..some really nasty tasting margaritas to be exact.
Here she comes...she doesn't care what it taste like.....oh my.....then the story begins.
Seems she is here from Colorado...working at a bar....trying to make her millions, but of course
hard luck and misfortune seem to interfere with this.
Seems she has gotten picked up by the Sturgis police for a DUI....well,  imagine that
and then the guy she was renting the room from....she couldn't get hold of him, and of course she owes him $300.
The story went on and on.
Quite entertaining, but after awhile we decided to call it a night and go to our rooms.
As we got on the elevator to go to our rooms, Chuck said he was waiting for her to hit us up for money.
What an interesting and colorful person we had met....hope we don't cross paths again, any time soon.