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Monday, August 11, 2014

Sturgis or Bust 2014 (Day 5)

Day 5 Monday

We head towards Lead to make our way to Mt. Rushmore.
Two u turns and we finally find Highway 385.
The road was being worked on and I finally see the sign laying in the grass....  :(  

We have overcast skies and a pretty cool morning to travel the short ride to our first stop of the Needles Highway.
We pay our $10 entrance fee into the state park and ride through through the area.
Saw two little critters I thought were beaver but Chris says they are marmot. I didn't have a clue!!!!

We stop on the bridge close to Mt. Rushmore and take pictures in the same spot we have done many times before.
Mt. Rushmore was awesome as usual!!!!!   

Moles invade Mt. Rushmore
I think it makes a person feel so American!!!!
We ate lunch there and after everyone was done, we went downstairs to watch the movie they had showing about the building of Mt Rushmore.
We visit the gift shop and purchase our "stuff" and we are ready to head on to another attraction.

Back on the bikes we make our way to Crazy Horse. 
We didn't go inside the gates area but we got a few pics and everyone seemed OK with that.

It was time for a Dairy Queen and gas break at Custer!!!
We ride back on the Iron Mountain Highway again on out way to Keystone.
Some dark clouds were building as we left Custer.

As we enter the park there is a herd of buffalo causing a bit of a slow down. 

Glad we got to see them on the move. 

The road was not busy and it made for a really nice ride.
We make our way to our dinner stop for this evening. 

We have invaded the little town of Keystone. 
A little shopping and sight seeing was done before we settled on the Ruby House for dinner. 
I think the group enjoyed the food and the restaurant had a whole lot of ambiance. 

Time to head back to Deadwood. 

We get back just as the skies darken for the night. 
Great day of riding some really nice roads. 
Time to chill and get rest because tomorrow we are riding to Wyoming.