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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sturgis or Bust 2014 (Day 8)

Day 8 Thursday.

It was a free day for everyone.

Chances of rain later in the afternoon kept us pretty close to our town of Deadwood.

We chose to spent the late morning and afternoon riding back into Sturgis so we could ride  by the Buffalo Chip and Full Throttle Saloon.
Doreen, Allen, Diana and Chris went on the little ride as well!  
Buffalo Chip was totally one or anything moving there.
On the other hand the Full Throttle Saloon was open for business.
The little donkey was moving around checking out the people that were there.
It was nice to see where all the filming for the show went on.
I know they are ready to get all packed up and close down as well...seems the sentiments of everyone in the town!!!!

After the photos were taken at the Buffalo Chip and Full Throttle we head to Spearfish Canyon once again.

We stop at the Bridal Veil Falls and get a picture


Diana had suggested we go back to Cheyenne Crossing and eat lunch...oh no.....twist my arm!!!
They are supposed to have these outstanding Indian tacos so that was our next stop.
Have to say they were really good!!!

Getting a few raindrops as we make our way back to Deadwood via Lead.
Time to start packing up, but I needed a few gifts before going back to the hotel.
The gas station was the perfect stop for Diana and I to catch the trolley to go back into  Deadwood so I could shop one last time.
It was a one stop shop kinda deal. 

Got what I needed and we were ready to get back on trolley.
Ran into a few of the Moles milling around and we shared the ride with them.
This particular trolley took us a route I hadn't seen. 

The driver even stopped and we got a new one cause his shift was over.
The new driver was more talkative and pointed out a few things as we made our way through the town.

Back at the hotel, the guys ready the trailers and we all get partially packed and ready for our 6AM start for the ride back home.  :(  
As usual the subject of food comes up, and we all make an executive decision to eat at Cadillac Jacks.
Lynn's friend Corinne and her husband shared our last dinner together as well.
Her husband ordered the Pork Fritter, and the waiter kept telling him it was large.
Oh my gosh...It could have fed the whole table!  
As usual we livened up the somewhat dull restaurant with all our laughter.
A person can never laugh too much, and I have to admit this group can really laugh!  
After dinner we walked back to our usual spot outside on what we named the "veranda"....
We are having a great time talking and then the rain drops decide to interfere!  
I guess it was a sign for us to "go to bed"!!!!! 
Goodbyes were given to our new Canadian friends.
Final pictures were taken with Lynn and Corinne.

Corinne and her husband Allen, are  planning to explore the area a little more and head back to Canada on Saturday!  
I think I speak for everyone that we have had a really nice trip, but like everything, it has to come to an end, so lets point these bikes towards home and make some miles tomorrow!!!  
Goodnight world  :)