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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sturgis or Bust (Day 10)

Day 10 Saturday

We wake to a thick fog!!!
We are on the bikes at 6 am

It was so foggy you couldn't even see the Golden Arches that were just down from the motel.
By 7AM it is decided to hit the road. 

The fog is still thick but at least it is brighter out.

Very eerie riding down the road with corn fields on both sides. (Children of the Corn come to mind).

Allen's check engine light came on yesterday evening so we know we will be making a stop at the Harley shop in Salina KS to see what is going on with his bike.
When we made a gas stop Allen informs us his light us off so we will continue southbound until further notice.
The overcast skies stay with us until we get to Salina.
It's time to shed a couple if layers of clothing at our next gas stop.

 I am sure everyone will be adjusting the jacket situation as it really has warmed up.
McPherson KS is the stop. 

So glad to get rid of jackets. 
It's now 82 (humid) degrees. 

Our final gas and food stop was at Tonkawa OK and it gave us a  chance to cool down a bit.
Our final hugs and goodbyes were said as we will be peeling off in different directions to get home.

Diana and Chris are the first to leave the pack. They exit at Guthrie.
We leave the other guys at the Kilpatrick Toll road as we wave goodbye and head west.
Doreen and Allen will make their way to Dibble and split at Tri City.
Keith Lynn Doug and Twana will still have an hour or so until they reach Duncan.
As we get to Guthrie the cloud cover we have seen in the distance meets up with us.
Cools down quickly to 88 degrees...WOW!
Wondering if our Duncan and Dibble group might even get wet?
Couldn't ask for a better ending!

I can not say enough good things about these people. 
We have laughed and even shed a few tears this trip and everyone has been totally delightful.
We have some new Moles in our little group and I can see many more fun times ahead.
Thanks to everyone that participated in this adventure.
Special thanks to my husband Chuck for planning and making this trip happen.
 It was so nice to get the text that everyone made it home safely.

Mileage:  We logged 2743
Diana & Chris logged 2707
Lynn & Keith logged 2719
Doreen & Allen logged 2777
Doug & Twana ????

Thanks to all who participated !!!!!
Chuck you can put this one in the book as about the most perfect ride we have had in a very long time!!!!  No rain to speak of, only 4 u-turns, and 1 dirt road!!!!!  Epic.....   :)