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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bikes Blues & Barbecue 2014. Whoooooo!

Have you ever taken a few days off to go and enjoy some r&r with friends?
Well, that is exactly what we did today.

This was no impromptu, as we have planned this get away for almost a year.
In fact it was planned at the end of last years BB&BBQ.
Our rooms have been reserved and we are officially getting out of town!
We meet up with our gang in Oklahoma City at The Frosted Mug to grab lunch and then make our way to Fayetteville AR.

Looks like we have another couple that will be riding with us today.
We meet Bonnie & Curtis....of which I immediately tell him, he will be Clyde as far as I was concerned.
Seems they are friends with Lynn and Keith and live in Ardmore, OK. and had no one to ride with.
We always have room for more, and enjoy the addition to our little group.
Doreen is riding her own all in all we will have 7 bikes making our way down the road.
We are riding Miss Ginger the Harley on this trip....cross your fingers she makes it there and back!

We are in Arkansas and at our hotel by around 4pm.
The Biggs and The Smith's pulled trailers, so we drop the Smith's trailer off.
We are on a mission to get the the Hannigan Trailer guy so Chris can pick up some parts for his trailer.
Vendors are set up all over the place, but Hannigan is at the Baum Stadium.
Since Keith and Lynn know the best way to get there, we have them lead us in.
We did get to experience our first U-Turn of the ride as we missed a cut off...  :)
Chris rides his bike right on it and we meet up with him after he has gotten his parts he was needing.
We don't make it very far and Chuck finds a new gizmo he thinks he needs for his bike.
The guy wasn't busy and they offered installation, so Chuck went back and pulled the bike up to his tent to have the new charger/iPhone holder put on the bike.
Bonnie & Clyde (Curtis) are staying at another hotel, and Lynn has been in contact with them.
We meet up with them as we walk around the vendors.
Since it has been a busy day, we opt to just eat from the food vendors that are set up.
We had eaten BBQ from the same vendor last year.
It is starting to get dark, so we get ready to head back towards the hotel.
I make a stop at a vendor that had some really cool boots, and I just had to have a pair of them.
Oh gosh...more boots...but they really are cool!
Chucks bike is ready and all of us are ready to get out of all these roaring bikes.
We make our way back towards the hotel, and let me tell you, it was dark!!!
Curvy roads and darkness are not my favorite part of this ride, but we make it back to the hotel
Kickstands down, and it is time to chill for awhile.
The hot tub is just what we need to finish this evening off.
Great day!