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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bikes Blues & BBQ 2014 (Day 4)

I failed to mention where the Whooooo came from.
Well, our new friends Bonnie and Curtis aka Clyde...seems as we were riding through Siloam Springs, he pulls up on his bike and lets out this big ole WHOOOOOO....not once, not twice...but multiple times.
Yes, everyone was looking....and not really sure why he did it other than he was having a good time.

Bonnie and Curtis (Clyde)

Doesn't take too much to amuse this group....and as soon as we made it to the hotel Thursday...we all started doing the now famous Whoooo.....all of us.....Like I said, we are very easily amused!

Now back to our ride.
We aren't in a big hurry this morning, and it is over cast and a bit cool as we pull out from the hotel a little after 10am.
Chuck wants to ride a different road and bypass Siloam Springs....whooooo!!!!!
It was a very nice bypass, and kept us from all the stop and go traffic.
The ride is going well, until Diana comes over the mike and says we have no one behind us.
Where did they go????
They were just there.
I start to text Lynn and she has already sent me a comment.
Seems Doreen's bag was working its way off, so they had to stop and put more supports on it.
So glad that was all that was wrong.
Man, sure makes your heart skip a beat when you don't see anyone behind you.

I was also told in the text that Doreen would appreciate a potty break.
We are just a mile from an exit, so that is easy to do.
Bladders are empty and the bag is secured we head on towards Tulsa.

Lunch is at Mexicali's in Tulsa.
We are able to sit outside and enjoy the cool breeze. all the fun is over now...time to get home.

The clouds were beautiful today

We do make one more stop at the midway to say our goodbyes.

Hugs are given and everyone is instructed to text when they get home safely!

Oh what fun we have had this weekend!!!
Plans are already being made to make sure we get the same hotel for BB&B 2015..
Can't wait  :)

Mileage: 840...glorious Ginger miles!!!

Doreen and Allen's "rocks"  

Carla's rock...but where is Larry's??!!  

Lynn and Keith's "rocks"