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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Beau-coup Blessings

Seems like the last two months of the year are very busy and eventful for our family.
We not only share Thanksgiving with each other, but there are 3 of us girls that have birthdays as well.
I am the first one on November 29th.
My mother has hers on November 30th.
Our daughter-in-law has one on December 3rd,
I really feel bad for our guys because they are so close to Christmas, and they get hit hard....all at once.  LOL

Thanksgiving was a windy and some what cool day, but we were able to get outside and take our annual picture.
I have always loved to get a family picture when we are all together.

We have an extra couple of kiddo's this year.
Maycee & Kylee  (great grands of Mother & Louie) got to come and spend the way with us.
It was so much fun to listen to all the laughter as they played together.

The grand kids are growing, and each year you can really see the changes when looking back at previous years pictures.

The kids wanted to shop "Black Friday" so Pops and I opted to keep the grands and let them fight the crowds.
I think fun was had by all...I know we had a great time with our little ones.

Black Friday was a bit interesting for Chuck and I.
He had been having issues with his IPhone 6 from the get go.
Seems it just would decide to get HOT....and I mean HOT!!!!!
We had discussed it, and I got online and made an appointment with the Genius Bar at the one and only Apple Store we have in Oklahoma City.
Oh yes, and it is in the "Mall", you know the "Mall" that everyone is going to be at today!

I drove  and used my built in woman's strategy to by-pass a lot of mall traffic.
You know that strategy I am talking about...we use it every day!!
I really was surprised but my plan worked.
We were there before we knew it.
Of course parking was a little more challenging, but we didn't mind walking, so instead of hovering around the lot, we opted to go out to the outer lots and park.

We actually had time to kill before our Genius Bar appointment, so I wanted to look at this shoe store and see what Ugg boots they might have in my size.
Never owned a pair at this point in my life, but my sweet husband bought me a pair right then and there.
I was so excited, I put them on and wore them out of the store....just like a kid!!!!
Happy Birthday to me!

Back at the Apple store the genius we got said we had some corrupt files, and wiped the phone and re-installed from the backup.
OK, so we will try this.
Little did we know, we would make another trip back to the same mall a little later in the evening.
Yep, the genius thing didn't work.

During dinner Chuck noticed that his phone was getting hot again.
I got on my phone and looked to see if we could make another appointment at Apple.
We could get in at 8:30, and so the appointment was made.
Traffic getting to the mall was not bad again!!!
Really, this is Black Friday....where are all the shoppers....maybe they are asleep!!!!!!!

Back in the Apple store we speak to a new Genius...and he says he needs to totally wipe the phone, and set up as a new phone.
The backup copy has corruption in lets do it.
Within 30 minutes, we are on our way out of the mall, and now we will just have to see how the phone acts.
I can not believe we have been to the mall twice on Black Friday, and survived!

Saturday, November 29th....My Birthday!
I had mentioned to Chuck that I would love to drive to Duncan, OK. and shop at a few of their clothing stores.
I know, you live in the big city.
Why would you want to go to the small town of Duncan?
I have fallen in love with one shop there, and I follow them on Facebook, and I had seen a few things that I thought my wardrobe needed!

Our friends Lynn & Keith live there, and I had mentioned to her over dinner the night before that we might come their way.
She told me to let her know, so that is just what I did.

As we got close to Duncan, I text Lynn to see where we were going to meet, and she informed we they were on the outskirts of town getting tires on a trailer, so we just stopped there, and picked her up so we girls could get our "retail therapy" on!

I will insert here that Chuck's phone is working GREAT!!!!
His battery is staying cool, and isn't crashing any longer!!!!!

Chuck chauffeurs Lynn & I to downtown Duncan, and parks almost in front of the store.
Prairie Rose is such a cute place to shop, and the ladies there are awesome.
Lynn & I both "score"....imagine that!
Next we walk to Sumac Trading Co.
Oh my, this is a cute place as well.
Keith has joined Chuck, so they can hang around and tease us about our shopping expedition.
Yep, "score" again!
All this shopping is making us hungry, so we walk to the new "Boomerang" burger place, but decide that they are just way to busy for us to wait.
Lynn says that there is a little place called "Tasty's" not too far from here, so we get in the vehicles and drive there.
The place is very tiny, and just a bar area and only one table with four chairs are the only places to sit.
We belly up to the bar area, and order our burgers.
I have to say, mine was really very good....greasy and know the type.
The fries were great as well.
Sure was a nice change from "Turkey"
I have to say it was "my" day, and I really enjoyed it.
Thanks to all that participated.  :)

OK, so Sunday is my mom's birthday...Yes, we celebrate together, so today we will meet the kids and grand kids for lunch.
Remember, Heather's birthday is next week, so we do a two-fer!!!

Mother is a young 86 this year.
She is in pretty much excellent health.
I really am blessed to have her all these years.

We make it to Norman to eat at Rudy's before noon.
Barbecue today...chasing all that turkey away for sure.

Enjoyed the visit with the kids....and after we eat, it is time to head back to Yukon.
Been a very busy last few days, and it is time to wind down a bit.

That is what our last week in November consisted of.
Lots of family time!
Now you know why I have beau-coup blessings.
Hope you have the same.