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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

365th day of 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am going to say that this year has been a good year for me and my family.
The grand kids are growing like weeds, and make me smile often.

My parents are doing well.

So blessed to have an awesome husband that can take me to all these wonderful areas of the United States as I sit on the back of the bike and take pictures along the way.

Sure, we have had the usual life lessons along the way, but the way I see it, if we don't have lessons we stop growing.

This girl has nothing to complain about  :)

As far as riding goes.
We have taken quite a few trips this year.
We made our way back back to Sturgis and enjoy some great riding along the way.
We have enjoyed every mile we have traveled.
I for one appreciate those who joined us along the way.
I don't have an exact mileage, but it is somewhere around 24,000 glorious miles!

Plans for next year.??...why yes we do.
We are already booked for a trip to Colorado in June.
Bikes Blues & BBQ rooms are reserved.
And heck, we haven't even started the New Year!

Thanks to all who participated in touching my life this year and also help to make this blog a little more interesting.
Life is good....
Goodbye 2014!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

Ok, you can stop hustling and bustling because it is here.
As fast as it comes it is gone.
Christmas, the one day a year that those who believe stop and chill with their loved ones.
At least that's the way it is suppose to go, but this year we had a little kink in the plan.
Poor Chuck came down sick Christmas Eve.
He went downhill fast.

I was having troubles finding any clinics open, but our son found one right off the bat.
I got Chuck in the car and off we went.
It was a little after 2pm when we got there.
No parking spaces in the lot, this is not a good sign.
Entering into to waiting room, I am thinking oh no!
Wall to wall coughing people.
This whole "clinic" idea was my idea because the flu is really rampant here in Oklahoma, but had no idea how busy this place would be.

We get checked in and papers filled out and now we wait.
Little by little the waiting room starts to clear a bit.

Finally about 4 pm he gets to go back to a room.
He emerges about 4:30.
No flu!!
Bad respiratory infection.
We have a prescription for a z pack.

Back home I get Chuck all tucked in and I make my way to pick up mom and dad.

I drive our little group to Norman to have our traditional Christmas Eve with the kids and grands.
The grands are so excited to open presents.

Cash has gotten the hang of it this year and he is even able to find the presents with his name on them.

Wrapping paper and boxes are flying as the little ones dive into their presents.
Smiles are abundant as they light up at each and every present they open.
As much fun as it is, it's just not right not to have Pops here!

As quickly as it began the excitement calms and everyone including the adults check out everyone's gifts they received.

I think the Christmas Eve boxes that I fixed for our kids and grands were a hit.
They all got new PJ's and a few other things to make their night special. 
The grands liked their movies we got them.
Elf and Despicable Me 2 were hits.

Our son loved his peppermint schnapps to put in his hot chocolate.
Our daughter in law liked the individual stack glasses of wife.

See, big kids can have Christmas Eve boxes as well!

This certainly isn't what I had pictured for the evening but it was really nice to spend it with most of the family.
Just hate that the matriarch wasn't able to be here.

Due to Pops being sick our Christmas Day was uneventful.
I never even got out of my PJ's. 
Was a very quiet day, and I really didn't do much at all.

I am thankful that we have family to spend Christmas with.

I am thankful that we are healthy, even though we have a little set back.

I am thankful that we have had a very good year.

Life is good, and I thank God everyday for my wonderful life, family and friends.  
Merry Christmas to everyone and hope it is a joyous holiday for you and your family.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Moles do Christmas in Oklahoma 2014

Yes, it's that time again....time to adorn your ugly Christmas sweater and make your way to the Christmas party.

We have a group that rides together and makes up the gang that goes on our wonderful rides every year.
My husband named us the "Moles of Silence".....Yes he did...many years ago!
We even get to have our own "Mole" name...can you imagine...  :)

Not sure if any of you have ever googled the word "Mole", but you can imagine what you get.
Everything from a mole on your face to an ugly little creature that lives under the ground.
I have found out that Canada likes Moles...they even have a National Mole Day...Look it kidding!

We boast to be the little ugly ones under ground....LOL
Amazingly, the talk of moles is always a great ice breaker for the new people that come and join us for dinner and sometimes ride.

Enough about the Moles, on to the Moles Christmas Party.

This year our group as so many others have done this year, had an Ugly Christmas Sweater theme.

It was so much fun seeing everyone arrive adorning their sweaters.

The food they brought wasn't half bad either.
We had enough food for the whole neighborhood.

Doreen brought an array of liquor and we mixed up several batches of her Grinch Cocktail.

It was quite a hit with everyone that consumed some.

I had ordered a cake from Raspberries & Creme.
This is the cake that I won on the radio station give away.
I was so excited to win something.
I was the 9th caller to call in for November birthdays!!!

The cake was divine, and so very pretty!

We didn't do the usual Dirty Santa this year.
Instead, we opted to pool our money that we would have spent on something that no one would ever use, and help a family with their children.

Diana found a family in nearby Piedmont, and our plan is to go on Monday and purchase the gifts that the 5 children have asked for.

We really do have a very special group of giving friends in this little group of Moles.
So very lucky to call them "friends".
Thanks to all who donated.

Merry Christmas Mole style.  :)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Texas Style 2014

Our family decided to take a little trip to Texas.
Where in Texas you ask?
We are going to the Gaylord Texan Resort for a night to partake in "Ice".
The grand kids are at the perfect age to really enjoy Christmas, and what better place to enjoy it!

Our first stop on our little trip was Bedre Chocolate Factory on our way down I-40.
Was a first for the kids.
They even got samples of chocolate covered potato chips....Yum!

We make our way to Grapevine Texas as we have plans to eat at the Rainforest Cafe.
The grand kids love this place.
My mom and step-dad seemed to enjoy it as well.
Chuck reminded our son of a trip we took there many many years ago.
Same place and so much fun for everyone.

We arrive at the Gaylord Texan around 3 pm.
Plans are to make the "Ice" exhibit around 4pm.
Our plans make a slight change due to an unforeseen delay.
Our son changed the "Ice" exhibit to Sunday at 10am, so all is good!
We shake off the delay & proceed to have some fun at the resort.
The grand kids got to see Gingy's Gingerbread cookies and decorate them.
They even got to visit Gingy!

We were able to walk around the resort and see all the beautiful Christmas decorations.
I don't think I have ever seen a more interesting Gingerbread detailed!

We make the photo op areas, and of course the grand kids loved being the models for the pictures.

Of course Chuck couldn't miss the opportunity to get his picture taken with the Longhorn.
You know how he is....Texan through and through!

It has been a very busy and fun filled day, and my mom & step dad are back in their rooms at 8pm.


We are at the entrance of "Ice" around 9:30am.
There is a line forming, and we have camped out at the front.
They open the doors at 10 and we are off.
Once in the exhibit, we get to put on the famous Blue Parkas.
Our sweet little grandson had the biggest ole coat on, and we had noticed there was actually a smaller size.
Heather got out of line and exchanged for a more appropriate size.

We stand in line to get our pictures taken with the parka's on.
Looks like a bunch of "Smurf" walking around.
You can't tell who anyone is because we are all bundled up.

Upon entering the exhibit you feel the rush of 9 degree air hit you like a wall of ice.
This is truly a man made wonder.
Each ice block that is used ( 2 million blocks to be exact) weighs 400 lbs. before they begin to work on them.
There is a group of 40 something Chinese sculptures that make there way here and create this marvel.
The ice is so flawless it is often compared to Waterford Crystal.

You can read more about "ICE" here.

Chuck got a few pics of the kids sliding on the ice.
It was so cold, you didn't want to take your hands out to even get the camera out of your pocket!

The Nativity was absolutely breath taking.

Before you knew it, we are at the end of the exhibit.
I have to say, the warm air really felt nice.

They have a little shop set up at the end, and of course we had a little retail therapy to conduct.
The grands got to pick out an ornament, and Heather got a really cute metal sign.

We meet back up with my parents, and Anthony gets in line to do the snow tubing with the kids.
The lines were really pretty long, but they move pretty quickly.
Before you know it the kids are sliding down the snow packed lanes in their tubes.
Grandson has no fear, and I think he could probably have done this all day.

All good things must come to an end, and so we bid the Gaylord Texan goodbye, and make our way to the cars.
The parking garage was as busy as the line to get into "Ice", but we made it out and are on our way to get some lunch.

Chuck had seen that "Hard Eight" BBQ had a location very close, so we make our way there.

I was really amazed at how much it looks just like the one in Stephensville, TX that we always eat at.
The food and the experience to get the food was just the same.
I think the kids enjoyed the relaxed eating experience...and oh, the food was awesome!

Time to head back towards Oklahoma, but we had to make a stop at "Sprinkles".
What is a trip to Texas without cupcakes!
This is our daughter in laws favorite place, so we had to make sure and experience it as well.

After the cupcakes are picked up we make our way to Ikea...
Can you believe this is a first for me.
Never have been there...get all the emails and all, but nothing in person.
Let me say, it is BIG!
Great time there and got a few treasures we couldn't live without.

Back in the cars and pointing them Northbound.
We make our way back to Oklahoma.
Home sweet home.....and so many memories were made this weekend.
Oh how I love our family!