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Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

Ok, you can stop hustling and bustling because it is here.
As fast as it comes it is gone.
Christmas, the one day a year that those who believe stop and chill with their loved ones.
At least that's the way it is suppose to go, but this year we had a little kink in the plan.
Poor Chuck came down sick Christmas Eve.
He went downhill fast.

I was having troubles finding any clinics open, but our son found one right off the bat.
I got Chuck in the car and off we went.
It was a little after 2pm when we got there.
No parking spaces in the lot, this is not a good sign.
Entering into to waiting room, I am thinking oh no!
Wall to wall coughing people.
This whole "clinic" idea was my idea because the flu is really rampant here in Oklahoma, but had no idea how busy this place would be.

We get checked in and papers filled out and now we wait.
Little by little the waiting room starts to clear a bit.

Finally about 4 pm he gets to go back to a room.
He emerges about 4:30.
No flu!!
Bad respiratory infection.
We have a prescription for a z pack.

Back home I get Chuck all tucked in and I make my way to pick up mom and dad.

I drive our little group to Norman to have our traditional Christmas Eve with the kids and grands.
The grands are so excited to open presents.

Cash has gotten the hang of it this year and he is even able to find the presents with his name on them.

Wrapping paper and boxes are flying as the little ones dive into their presents.
Smiles are abundant as they light up at each and every present they open.
As much fun as it is, it's just not right not to have Pops here!

As quickly as it began the excitement calms and everyone including the adults check out everyone's gifts they received.

I think the Christmas Eve boxes that I fixed for our kids and grands were a hit.
They all got new PJ's and a few other things to make their night special. 
The grands liked their movies we got them.
Elf and Despicable Me 2 were hits.

Our son loved his peppermint schnapps to put in his hot chocolate.
Our daughter in law liked the individual stack glasses of wife.

See, big kids can have Christmas Eve boxes as well!

This certainly isn't what I had pictured for the evening but it was really nice to spend it with most of the family.
Just hate that the matriarch wasn't able to be here.

Due to Pops being sick our Christmas Day was uneventful.
I never even got out of my PJ's. 
Was a very quiet day, and I really didn't do much at all.

I am thankful that we have family to spend Christmas with.

I am thankful that we are healthy, even though we have a little set back.

I am thankful that we have had a very good year.

Life is good, and I thank God everyday for my wonderful life, family and friends.  
Merry Christmas to everyone and hope it is a joyous holiday for you and your family.

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