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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Moles do Christmas in Oklahoma 2014

Yes, it's that time again....time to adorn your ugly Christmas sweater and make your way to the Christmas party.

We have a group that rides together and makes up the gang that goes on our wonderful rides every year.
My husband named us the "Moles of Silence".....Yes he did...many years ago!
We even get to have our own "Mole" name...can you imagine...  :)

Not sure if any of you have ever googled the word "Mole", but you can imagine what you get.
Everything from a mole on your face to an ugly little creature that lives under the ground.
I have found out that Canada likes Moles...they even have a National Mole Day...Look it kidding!

We boast to be the little ugly ones under ground....LOL
Amazingly, the talk of moles is always a great ice breaker for the new people that come and join us for dinner and sometimes ride.

Enough about the Moles, on to the Moles Christmas Party.

This year our group as so many others have done this year, had an Ugly Christmas Sweater theme.

It was so much fun seeing everyone arrive adorning their sweaters.

The food they brought wasn't half bad either.
We had enough food for the whole neighborhood.

Doreen brought an array of liquor and we mixed up several batches of her Grinch Cocktail.

It was quite a hit with everyone that consumed some.

I had ordered a cake from Raspberries & Creme.
This is the cake that I won on the radio station give away.
I was so excited to win something.
I was the 9th caller to call in for November birthdays!!!

The cake was divine, and so very pretty!

We didn't do the usual Dirty Santa this year.
Instead, we opted to pool our money that we would have spent on something that no one would ever use, and help a family with their children.

Diana found a family in nearby Piedmont, and our plan is to go on Monday and purchase the gifts that the 5 children have asked for.

We really do have a very special group of giving friends in this little group of Moles.
So very lucky to call them "friends".
Thanks to all who donated.

Merry Christmas Mole style.  :)