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Saturday, January 17, 2015

January 2015 PMS relief..(Parked Motorcycle Syndrome)

Wow, it is 2015...can you believe it!

I think most of us in the South have a bit of PMS...

I would like to say at this time that I actually got the idea for the title of my first post of the year from a blog that I follow.
You can read the blog The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour. and see for yourself.
Please read about his adventures and maybe you will want to follow his as well!

I just loved his comment about PMS and just had to use it...
Isn't copying someones idea the best form of flattery!!!!

Weather hasn't permitted us to ride on New Years Day this year.
We have had a lot of cold and somewhat wet days.
The weather has finally turned around for just a little bit, and we finally have a window of warmth coming our way.
With that said, we planned to do our Annual New Years Day ride on Saturday January 17th.
The delay was well worth it.
We actually got a break and the weather was perfect.
Due to some scheduling interference, we didn't have a very large group....but the ones that made it
got a great picture taken at the Capital building.

The wind has decided to change directions in the middle of our photo shoot, and my tripod and iPhone took a little skid across the parking lot.
Thank goodness I have a great cover on my phone.

It didn't take us long to get the pictures taken, and we head back to the Bricktown area to have some lunch.

We normally eat at Abuello's the wonderful Mexican food restaurant, but since we had our Friday night dinner with the same group and we ended up having Mexican food, we opted for Texadelphia.

Lynn & Keith came to the city today, not on the bike because they were going to a play later, and they met us for lunch.

The table had already been staked out and waiting for us when we arrived.
So appreciative for texting and find a friend.
Not sure what we would do without those handy little apps!

By the time we leave Texadelphia, the temperature had really warmed up.
It is in the 60's now...but have to say the gusting north winds were a bit brutal on the way home.
The weather forecast was for gusting winds 30-40 miles per hour....and I don't think they missed it by far.

I know my neck was stretched due to the gust.
Chris even commented later that he had "helmet lift off"....and if you have ever experienced it, you know exactly what he was talking about.

We are home and Ginger is put back in the garage by 2pm.
Sure was a nice "little" ride...can't wait until we can actually get out and ride some miles.

The day didn't end there...yes, as far as the motorcycle riding it was over, but we decided to go to the movie.
Diana & Chris met us at the movies to see "American Sniper".
It was really a wonderful movie.
After the movie, we of course had to eat!!!!
Since we were all impressed with The Shack, we decided might as well go back for a second time.
The food was great, and of course the company of our BFF's was even better.

Do you have any plans for riding this year?
We have already booked a few places.
Can't wait to head out and ride.
Hope to see you on the road....  :)