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Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Mexico Family Snow-cation 2015 (Thursday)

Our kids were going to Angel Fire NM to enjoy a little snow with our grand kids.
We will be tagging along.  :)
I think we are all excited to see how the grands will enjoy the snow.
Our accommodations was a home on the side of the mountain.
The beautiful home we are staying in belongs to our daughter in laws great aunt and uncle.
The ride to Angel Fire was a nice one.

We stopped in Cimarron, NM to eat lunch at the haunted hotel...The St. James Hotel to be exact.
Our neighbor Mr. Funk owns this beautiful hotel, and he has done so much with it since he became the owner.
We have always had breakfast, but today was are going to have some lunch...since it is that time of day.

The food didn't disappoint any of us.
The grand kids got to check out all the memorabilia that adorns this very old hotel.
It is time to get back in the cars and make our way to Angel Fire, and get settled in for our little vacation.
Of course I get razzed for wanting to take a picture of the kids in front of the St. James Hotel sign. (something I always do!)

I had no idea the home was this high up on the mountain.
I think we decided it was about a 4 mile ride to get there.
As we curve and turn on the roads, we see quite a bit of wild life.
There are deer on the side of the roads eating and just look at us as we drive by.
One particular area there is a very large group of Elk.
As we explore this further, it looks like the homeowner is feeding them.
No wonder they are all gathering here.

Our home away from home is really nice.
The three story, 5 bedroom, 5 bath home is just perfect.
Everyone finds their rooms and we are ready to enjoy some snow.

Only problem we have is our daughter in law has come down with strep throat.
She was lucky enough to get some antibiotics called in and was able to get the prescription filled in Amarillo earlier this morning, but she is not feeling well at all.

The kids want to get into the snow, so they go out on the deck and have a little fun.

My son and I go back down the mountain and go to the local grocery to pick up some supplies for the next few days.

We eat at the house this evening and just enjoy the surroundings.
Time to get some rest and see how Heather is feeling tomorrow...but I think skiing will be put on hold for another day since she is feeling so badly.
Good night world from Angle Fire, NM.