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Friday, February 6, 2015

New Mexico Family Snow-cation 2015(Friday)

We awake and start moving around and find that Heather didn't have a very good night.
She is really hurting, and since there is a little medical clinic close by, we all get dressed and head to the ski resort.

The clinic sits at the bottom of the ski run.
Not knowing where it actually was at first, we let Heather off at the hotel entrance.

Thank goodness for texting, as she text my son and says she has found it, and they are
going to give her a steroid shot.
We walk to the base of the ski slope and watch the people get on the lifts to take them to the next ski area.
The kids are enjoying watching all this.
I was so surprised as to how empty the slopes were.
There are just not very many people skiing.
By this time it has started to warm up and we are shedding coats.

Heather meets back up with us, and it is decided we will take a little road trip and drive into Taos for lunch.
The roads are all clear and it makes for a nice drive through the twisty roads.

Taos is it's usual mess of traffic.
Amazing that there is only a 2 lane road going through the main part of town.

We park the car and walk to the little area of shops.
Of course we have to go into a few.
The kids found some special treasures they had to take home with them.
Cash walked by and saw this lama stuffed toy, and was calling it an Alpaca.
Of course he had to have it.
Cooper got a pretty music box doll, that played the tune of Swan Lake.

There was a little deli like restaurant we saw as we came in so we make our way back to grab some lunch.
It was so cute to see the grand kids ordering their own lunch.
The waitress was very impressed as well!

Lunch is over and we make our way back to the square.
The children's toy shop was so much fun.
The play area was Divine.
Heather got Cooper a Mood Ring, and she was checking it every minute to find out what kind of mood she was in.
Reminds me of when I got my first mood ring...LOL

We stopped and rode the horse ride.....don't see very many of them anymore.

The adults make their way to a shop or two.

I walked into this little store, and Cooper and Heather come in as well.
We find Cooper some "dangle" earrings.
It is her first pair, and she is so excited.
She had learned her 10's in school, and mommy said she could get some dangle earrings for her accomplishment.
What better place to get her first pair but in Taos New Mexico!!!!

Our time is running out on the parking spot, so we make our way back just in time.

We start our drive to Questa, so we can say we drove the Enchanted Circle.
As we get outside of Questa, our son, Anthony says "what the heck".....and as I look up I see the back end of a Long Horn Sheep crossing the road right in front of us.
Gosh I knew they were big, but wow!!!
Pretty exciting!

We drive into Red River and didn't see anymore wild life.
There is a little coffee shop on the main stretch of town, so we stop and grab something to drink.

The "local" says that their business has been down this year, even with all the snowfall.
Amazing to see the town this quiet as when we are here over Memorial weekend, it is filled to the brim with bikers and vendors.

We finish our drive around the Enchanted Circle and make our way back to the house.

Ready to go play! 
 The kids get on their snow gear, and take a ride in the 4 wheeler, then back to the house to play in the snow.  

Fun was had by all, and Chuck & I stood on the porch and watched it all..  :)

Of course you have to have hot chocolate and big ole marshmallows after all that fun, and I didn't mind fixing it!

Another fun day is coming to an end.
We enjoyed dinner at home again this evening.

Cooper had to show off her new "dangle" earnings.  One happy girl!
Mood Ring, musical doll and dangle earrings all in one day.
Cash on the other hand made a bed for his new friend "Alpaca".
Great day was had by all.  :)