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Saturday, February 7, 2015

New Mexico Family Snow-cation 2015(Saturday)

Have to say the steroid shot seems to be working.
Heather is feeling a lot better today!
The big kids have decided to wait another day to go and ski.
Plans are made to take the grand kids to a sledding hill over by the country club.

We get there right after they open and we are the first ones on the hill.
The lady gives the kids a briefing and explains the rules and before you know it they are heading down the hill.
The first few runs were really great.

Cooper went all the way to the end of the hill.
Bad part of all this is they have to walk back up the hill to do it again, but you now, they are young!
The next run that Cooper did, she got going towards the barriers, and ended up hitting them pretty hard.

Well, to say the least, she was done.
Felt sorry for her, but she had really done well to this point.
Cash on the other hand, decided he would just drag his feet to slow himself down.
Cracked me up to watch him....he wasn't going to get going too fast!
A lot of people have shown up now, and the hill is alive with little people.
The kids have decided they are we return the sleds and they decide to go back to the house.

Chuck is desperate to find Wifi, so we go to a little coffee house and get on theirs.
The Angel Fire area is very limited....meaning that we aren't able to use our AT&T phones here.
We have already been "cut off".
Seems AT&T has a rule and if you use over a certain amount of data, they can turn it off.
Since the house has no wifi and we had no idea of our exclusion with AT&T, seems we are all "cut off"....
Chuck is frustrated with the very slow wifi, and I text the kids to see if they would like me to bring them back some lunch.
Lucky the coffee shop was also a deli.
We place an order and get it to go.
Back at the house we sit and eat our lunch.
Heather has been reading about a sleigh ride that sounds really fun, and she calls the number to see about booking it for the afternoon.
Looks like we are going on a horse drawn sleigh ride at 3:00pm!

Heather says the lady that she has talked to is a little "different"....we are informed if she isn't at the Elk Horn Lodge at 3 she will be there shortly, as she is getting the horses down to the sleighs.

We had notice some red sleighs as we drove through town yesterday, and it looks like these are the ones we will be riding on.

Nancy, the lady that is the owner of this sledding business, is a hoot.
She is a sweetheart, and yes she is a bit quirky...but who isn't.
She and her man, Bill, have the horses ready, and we make our way to the area.
It is about a 3 block walk to the staging area....Nancy's 3 huge dogs follow us there.
One of the dogs is blind.
He is so funny and friendly.

We load up into the sleigh that is drawn by two beautiful Percheron Draft Horses.
As Bill leads the horses down the white covered ground the kids enjoy the ride.
The trip wasn't that long, and we make a turn back towards the staging area.
We pick up Nancy this trip, as she had to make a detour and look for her blind dog.
Come to find out, he had made his way back to the Elk Horn Lodge, aka, his home.  :)
Nancy tells us some facts about herself.
She has lived in Angel Fire for over 30 yrs. and owns the Elk Horn Lodge.
She also owns a slew of horses.

We mentioned Bob Funk, and she perked up...she knew him as well.
I think the locals are very happy with the land that Bob has purchased, and how he is contributing to the New Mexico landscape.
Nancy said he had just bought the airport in Raton, NM.
Can you imagine having that much money...just sayin!!!!

We make our way to the turn around area, and as Nancy had promised, we get off the sleigh, and get out the snow sleds.
It is time to do a little sledding down the side of the mountain.

There is a lady that is with us, and Cash decided he would ride with her down the mountain as well.
The kids seemed to have more fun on this little sledding expedition than the one earlier today.
It just wasn't as intimidating.
Heather picked a really good sleigh ride for us to go on!

Anthony and Heather had a little snowball fight...the kids enjoyed watching them.
Cash made a snow as you can see they enjoyed playing in the snow!

Back at the end of the line, we get off the sleigh and walk back to the Lodge.
Nancy told the grand kids she had hot chocolate and cookies for them.
You didn't have to ask them twice if they wanted any.

We really did enjoy meeting our new friend "Nancy and Bill".
I am sure they could tell you some stories.

I think this is the evening we go to the "local" restaurant and have dinner.
We have two tired kids with us, but they are still grinning.
The margarita's put smiles on the adults faces as well!
What a great day!