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Saturday, March 21, 2015

First Day of Spring and Chuck Turns Older!

Finally, we are officially in the Spring season.
How exciting is that.
We also celebrate a very important person's birthday in our house on that very same day.
My husband Chuck was born on this very day.....many years ago.  :)

Weather is supposed to be worthy of riding today, so what better way to spend a birthday than to be riding Ginger the Harley to meet up with some friends for lunch.
Seems to be a little overcast today, and according to the weathermen, we aren't going to see a whole lot of sun, but I am here to tell you this girl is going to wear and bring enough outerwear to make sure I am comfortable.

We are on the bike by 9am, and make our way South.
We are meeting up with Lynn and Keith and possibly her brother Dave at the mile marker 55 at 11am.
The traffic getting out of the city was as crazy as usual.
I just love the Saturday morning goofballs that are on the road.
You know the ones...the ones that linger in the fast lane and go 45 miles per hour.
They they glare at you when you pass them.
The ones that are in the left hand lane, and then all of a sudden decide they need to exit and about cause a wreck as they darn over three lanes to the right.
Yep, they were out in force.

Safely out of the City and the tempo of the cars speed up.
You know exactly what I am talking are driving 70-75 and they pass you like you are sitting still.
Can you tell I am fairly put out with drivers already....LOL

We actually pull into the gas station off the highway right at 11am.
I went inside to see what they had from Bedre' Chocolates Factory.
The factory is right across the street, but the station is owned by the Chickasha Nation as well, and they feature their chocolates as well.
Of course I found something we needed to try, so we bought their ground coffee they offer with Milk Chocolate.
Sounds pretty good, and I think I can make a pretty tasty Iced Coffee with it!!!

Lynn, Keith and Dave show up in the mean time.
Gassed and ready to get this adventure started.
We had been talking about riding to Magnetic Hill in Springer Oklahoma, and Keith knew the way, so guess he will lead us there.

Let me tell you, if you don't know where Magnetic Hill is, and you think you would just run into it, you have another thing coming.
If you are interested in going there or want to learn more about it, here is a link to explain it. Magnetic Hill.

We make a little stop in Ardmore at a motorcycle shop for Dave to pick up a part he is needing.
This group is hungry, so we decide to go to Two Frogs and eat.

We are taken to the back of the restaurant to sit.
This seems to be a common thing when we arrive at a restaurant.
Not sure if they think we are going to be a rowdy group or just that we want our privacy, but either way we have always commented on this happening.  :)

Food was good, and as we make our way to the parking lot, our friend Allen comes up and says hello.

Strange to see him here, but as he explains they have come to Ardmore for the boys karate group.
Never know who you might see along the way!!!

Lizzy's in the middle  :) 

Dave lives in Davis, so we make our way back and we stop and say our goodbyes.
I pulled out my rock "Lizzy" and got a photo op with her and Lynn.
Miss Lizzy has been riding with us, but hasn't been in any of the pictures.
I am sure she is going to be in many more to come this year.

Another plan is hatched, and Keith leads us towards Norman, OK.
We are going to make a Starbucks stop.
Its getting be close to 4:30 or 5 by the time we get our drinks and sit and talk for a bit.
Storms are starting to brew, and Keith and Lynn decide it is time to make their way back to Duncan.

Lynn and I are talking about her making a rock like my Lizzy.
We spy several millions of rocks in the landscape of the Starbucks.
Heck, they won't miss one little rock!!!!
She picks out a cute one, and looks like Lizzy will have a riding partner pretty soon, as Lynn is going to make her a riding partner like my Lizzy.

Happy Birthday Chuck  xoxo
We say our goodbyes, and we make our way back to Yukon.
It was a very nice day, and glad we got to spend it riding.
I know my birthday boy was glad he got to ride as well.

Happy Birthday to my awesome husband and First Day of Spring baby Chuck.
Let's do this again next year, same time same place.  :)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Funday 3-15-15

The weather looks just about perfect for a ride today.
I get in contact with our friends in Duncan, and ask if they would be interested in riding for a late lunch.
The plan was put into action, and we leave the house about 12:30 to make our way to Lawton, OK. to meet up with Lynn and Keith.

I am already rethinking my choice of jackets for the day.
I hate when I do that....why not just wear the leather and then there is no question.
When we make a stop to get gas on the turnpike, I bail off and grab my leather legs.

We are leaving some really sunny and blue skies for some of the ugly gray ones that have hung around Oklahoma for quite a while.
We are all so ready for sunshine!

As we make our way to Lawton, the sky breaks a few times to show some sun, but not much.
I noticed a very large fire over by Mt. Scott.
The smoke was so high in the air it looked like it joined the clouds.

We exit to meet Lynn & Keith at the Harley Shop in Lawton, and I look at the time.
It is about 3 minutes until 2.
We are meeting them at 2.
No more do we turn into the dealership, and we see Lynn & Keith turn in from the opposite directions.
Now that is perfect timing.

We greet them, and talk about how cool the day is, and then we turn the bikes around and head to our destination.

We are heading to the little town of Burkburnett, Texas.
There is a little place right off the highway called The Feed Lot, and we have frequented it a few times.

Keith is leading us to the State line.
We pass Geronimo, Oklahoma and the copper domes of the Monolithic Dome Institute.
If you want to read about them, here is the link  Monolithic Dome.
I just love to see them shining in the sun...haha...what sun!!!
And not sure if you have heard the song "Geronimo", that is playing the airways right now...but I ended up with one of those pesky know playing the song over and over in my head Geronimo by Sheppard

We take lead when Chuck gets a whiff of his Texas air.
The gray skies are even breaking up a bit and we are getting to see sunshine!
Not too far from the State Line we turn off and make our way to The Feedlot.

Lunch was good, and of course getting to catch up with Lynn & Keith was even better.
We see each other all the time, but seems like the one on one times are special.

We finish our food and of course we would like to ride somewhere else, but it is about 4pm, and we need to make our way back to Oklahoma City.

The ride back was a little better as the clouds have parted and moved on to the east.
The sun feels great.

Keith & Lynn pull off at Lawton to make their way back to Duncan, and we blaze a trail home.
It wasn't totally miserable riding without all my gear, but I really do need to get my act together and fill the bike with the needed clothes....LOL

I know better than to leave without all the important apparel, but it was really a nice warm day when we left.

It doesn't matter though, as we got to ride a little over 250 miles and meet up with friends to go eat.
Can't get much better than that.
We know this is just the beginning of the 2015 riding, and can't wait to make more memories along the way.

Happy Sunday everyone....hope yours was a Funday as well!

Monday, March 9, 2015

And Now there is One. A tribute to Roxi 2003-2015

Our sweet zany dog, Roxi, has crossed over the rainbow bridge sometime during the night.
She was 12 yrs old as far as we know.
She leaves behind one sister, Belle, and her mommy and daddy.

Roxi found me.
Her entrance into our hearts began one day when I was at my store.
I had the door open because it was a beautiful day, and she decided to walk in and visit.
Roxi looked young.
Probably 6 months or so.
I had longed for a Blue Heeler, as we had a Red Heeler and adored her!
Concerned about her well being, I call my husband Chuck and tell him about this dog that has wondered into the store.
I tell him that she is a Blue Heeler.
Chuck brings the truck and takes Roxi home with him.
I check for about a week to see if any of the vets in the area, or anyone has posted a missing dog sign around the local businesses.

No one ever seems to miss her, so she becomes part of our family.
We have 3 dogs and 2 cats at the time, but hey we live on an acre, why not another dog!

Our little group of dogs are so welcoming to the newest member of the family, that we named Roxi.
She had a loving group of dogs.
Sydni our Red Heeler, Max our mutt ( that was an orphan as well), Minnie, our Westie make up the pack along with our cats CJ and WildThing.
We have lost all the others due to age, and we have our Blue Heeler named Belle.

She seems very happy, but I have to say she is different.
Upon taking her to our vet, the Dr. is in agreement with my husband....she is not all Blue Heeler.
Seems like she has some hound or something else in her.
Oh well, she is ours now, and we love her.

Some of Roxi's antics were that she didn't ever seem to know her name.
My husband and I would joke and say we really don't know what language this dog speaks.
I think she actually had selective hearing!!!

She was quite sneaky also.
She would wait until you weren't watching and then she would slip away and go explore.
Yes, she was even found in the field behind the house sitting amongst the cattle.

See, I tell you she was a cattle dog...or maybe she was a cattle whisper dog!
New breed!!!???

No matter what she was, she was ours, and we loved her and we will miss her.
Roxi gave us 12 years of joy, and she will be greatly missed.
RIP Sweet Roxi.

Bell (front) and Roxi (back)