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Monday, March 9, 2015

And Now there is One. A tribute to Roxi 2003-2015

Our sweet zany dog, Roxi, has crossed over the rainbow bridge sometime during the night.
She was 12 yrs old as far as we know.
She leaves behind one sister, Belle, and her mommy and daddy.

Roxi found me.
Her entrance into our hearts began one day when I was at my store.
I had the door open because it was a beautiful day, and she decided to walk in and visit.
Roxi looked young.
Probably 6 months or so.
I had longed for a Blue Heeler, as we had a Red Heeler and adored her!
Concerned about her well being, I call my husband Chuck and tell him about this dog that has wondered into the store.
I tell him that she is a Blue Heeler.
Chuck brings the truck and takes Roxi home with him.
I check for about a week to see if any of the vets in the area, or anyone has posted a missing dog sign around the local businesses.

No one ever seems to miss her, so she becomes part of our family.
We have 3 dogs and 2 cats at the time, but hey we live on an acre, why not another dog!

Our little group of dogs are so welcoming to the newest member of the family, that we named Roxi.
She had a loving group of dogs.
Sydni our Red Heeler, Max our mutt ( that was an orphan as well), Minnie, our Westie make up the pack along with our cats CJ and WildThing.
We have lost all the others due to age, and we have our Blue Heeler named Belle.

She seems very happy, but I have to say she is different.
Upon taking her to our vet, the Dr. is in agreement with my husband....she is not all Blue Heeler.
Seems like she has some hound or something else in her.
Oh well, she is ours now, and we love her.

Some of Roxi's antics were that she didn't ever seem to know her name.
My husband and I would joke and say we really don't know what language this dog speaks.
I think she actually had selective hearing!!!

She was quite sneaky also.
She would wait until you weren't watching and then she would slip away and go explore.
Yes, she was even found in the field behind the house sitting amongst the cattle.

See, I tell you she was a cattle dog...or maybe she was a cattle whisper dog!
New breed!!!???

No matter what she was, she was ours, and we loved her and we will miss her.
Roxi gave us 12 years of joy, and she will be greatly missed.
RIP Sweet Roxi.

Bell (front) and Roxi (back)