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Thursday, April 23, 2015

April Random Riding

April is here, and by this time we have ridden quite a bit.
But not this year.
Seems it has been rather cool, and if it isn't cold, it is raining.
I am so thankful for the rain, so I won't complain.

We have taken a few little spins along the way.

Lynn, Keith, Carla and Larry took a ride one Saturday to Okarche, OK. for chicken.
We didn't go, because as much as we would like to do it, it is just not on my husbands list of food he needs to eat.
Have to keep his heart and arteries in good shape!!!! 

I had text Lynn and they ended up coming by the house after they finished eating.
We talked about riding to Chickasha with them and stop at the Dairy Queen.
A plan is born, and as we make our way down Rt. 66.
I get a text from Diana asking what are we up to.
I suggest they meet up with us and make the ride.
They are going to join us in El Reno and make the little ride as well.

Love it when these impromptu's end up being so much fun.

We didn't have to wait very long, as Diana & Chris showed up very quickly.
The little time we spent waiting, Lynn was able to get on her IPhone and order a leather jacket
for her rock "Star".
"Lizzy" has one, and we have decided all our new rocks need to sport a leather jacket.
Yes, we are a bit crazy, but isn't that what life is all about.
The laughter!!!! 

Our ride to Chickasha, OK. was a nice 
The weather was perfect.
Diana & I didn't get any ice cream at the DQ but Chuck & Chris did.

By this time of day, I wasn't thinking about dessert, I was thinking FOOD!!!

We say our goodbyes to our Duncan friends, and we part our ways.
They head south, and we point the bikes to the north.
The sunset was very nice this evening, and I was able to get a good pic.

As we ride, the hot topic was where are we going to eat.
I suggested a place in Mustang, OK.
Thought that was where we were heading, but when we didn't make the appropriate turn, I didn't pipe in and ask.
Only when we got to El Reno, and Chuck ask me where this restaurant was at, is when I realize that we must have had one of those "Failure to communicate" moments.  :) 

You know the ones...the ones that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.
No harm, no fowl, we just adjust and find another place to eat.
We head to Lucky Star Casino.
It is just north of El not that far.

We eat our food, and enjoy talking with Diana & Chris.
Can you believe, we didn't even put any money in the machines.
Heck, our luck, this could have been the night we win big!!!  
Or not...but we will never know!

It has cooled off quite a bit, and we get our jackets on for the ride home.

Chuck informs me that his jacket of choice tonight was a bit breezy on the sides.
Seems it is his electric jacket, and it has some side areas for breathing.
I ended up putting my arms around his waste area to keep the breeze down a bit.
One of those loving things we Women from Venus do ever so often.  (ROFL)

I will end this post the way I do most of them, but I truly enjoyed our little impromptu ride and dinner.
We are really blessed to have such a great group of people we call our friends.
You are all very special, and I am thankful for each and everyone one of you....and you know who you are.  :)