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Friday, May 29, 2015

Memorial weekend wash out

Wow, is all I can say about all the rain we are getting for the month of May.
We are drowning in it!
Don't get me wrong, we need it, but not all in one or two weeks.
We have shattered all the records for the amount of rainfall we have gotten.
The rain forcast for the extended weekend and chance of severe weather made us take a second look at our plans and cancel them.
We normally would be heading out to Red River New Mexico for the Memorial Rally we make every year.
This year is just not going to happen.
Along with all the rain, we have had a lot of violent winds, and tornadoes, so there is just no need to chance it.
With the washout of plans ( along with a lot of other people) we just didn't really do much of anything.
Fast forward to Monday....we actually have some sunshine.

I get a text from Lynn and Keith and it seems they are going to ride from Duncan and stop at the Harley store and then get some lunch.
They want to know if we want to join.
Heck yes....something to do!
Didn't take us long to get ready and get on the bike to meet up with in Moore.
It was so nice to see that Larry & Carla had ridden with them.

The plan is to go to Hideaway Pizza downtown, and that is just where we headed.
We had a really nice lunch and enjoyed catching up with what is going on in Duncan.
Our phones start having all kinds of alerts, due to the weather that was heading towards Duncan.

Lizzy and Star came to visit! 

After we finish eating, it was decided that the ones going back towards Duncan should probably head that way to avoid the approaching storm.
We make our way back to the bikes, and say all our goodbyes.
Keith was in such a hurry, he started pulling away before Lynn had gotten on the bike.
If you don't think we got a big laugh out of that you are totally wrong.

We head straight home as the clouds are starting to build around us as well.

Even though it was just a short ride, it was so nice to have some wind in our faces.
Everything is right in the world....well, almost.
I get a text from Lynn and they pull over at the mid point of the HE Bailey Turnpike due to the weather that was approaching them.
They had a bit of a delay as they let the weather clear the area.
She text me when they got back into Duncan.
Their delay worked, as she said the roads were wet, but no more rain!
All in all a good day for a ride...too bad the rest of the weekend didn't work out the same.
Again, I will say we are very thankful for all the rain...we are way above the normal, and all the lakes are filled to their capacity.
The drought in Oklahoma is over.
I actually heard on the news report today(5-29), we have had rain for 21 days out of the 29....can you believe it!
Bike is back in the shop, and we actually beat the rain by about 15 minutes!!!!!
Great visit and ride.
Thanks for the invite

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Trip to Canton's First Monday

I am so excited to say that we actually made it to Canton, and wasn't on the bike, so purchases could be made!
My husband had a meeting in the Dallas area and he suggested that I go and we could make our way to Canton on Saturday.
Our friends Diana & Chris went with us.
Poor Chris...He got caught up in a tornado of shopping.
Since Chuck was going to be tied up in meeting, I suggested he drop us off at Grapevine Mills, and then he could come back and pick us up after his meeting.
His two hour meeting ended up being much longer, (imagine that!), but you didn't have any complaints from the shoppers.
We took our time and shopped and poked and touched  a whole lot of things at the mall.
We even purchased some things!!!
The Sketcher store occupied a lot of our time, and yes, we got some new shoes!
Lunch was in the food court.
Everyone could pick what they wanted to eat, and it tasted pretty good.
With all the shopping we had to keep up our energy level!

Around 4pm, Chuck made his way back to pick us up. (so much for a two hour meeting)
We were within a short distance of where we began our shopping spree just a few hours ago.
This was a really nice way to get out 8000 steps in for the day!

Now that our chauffeur is back, he points the vehicle towards the hotel.
We are staying in Arlington, and you can see Six Flags from our room.

Dinner has already been discussed, and we make our way to a Mexican food restaurant my husband has told us about.
The restaurant is called Rio Mambo, and it is only about a mile from the hotel.
As we drive up, the parking lot is full, but of course that is the norm in Texas.
So many people, going so many directions.
We actually got seated very quickly, and even got a great table sitting outside.

I ordered a regular margarita, and Chuck ordered an "Attitude Adjustment"....  :)
Mine was great, but his....let me tell was AWESOME!

Diana has not been able to participate in margaritas for about 6 months now, and she decided since we were making such a squawk about the drink she would try a sip.
Chris ordered an Attitude Adjustment so they could try it as well.
She weathered the sip very well, and agreed with us that is was really delicious.

Our waiter was wonderful, and the food was just as good as well.
All in all, we really enjoyed the dinner.

I have no idea what I was thinking when I packed as I forgot my toothbrush, and even forgot a shirt that I was planning on wearing.
All is good because Chuck took us by a CVS and I was able to get my essentials there.

As for the shirt, heck, it didn't matter, because I had bought a new one during the shopping expedition today!

Back at the hotel, we plan our time to get on the road so we can experience Canton.

Goodnight world!


We are ready to hit the road at 8am, and make it to Canton is about an hour.
Having no idea which exit we should actually exit on, we choose one.
Looks like we will be on the west side of Canton.
We are parking in the West lot.
As we drive in, there are people directing us to our parking area.
They have tractors pulling seating carts for us to make our way to the entrance.
At this point, all you can see is people pushing around these metal carts filled with "stuff".
If they aren't pushing a cart, they are riding a scooter.
Diana made the comment that there must have been a lot of granny's out there today without their scooters, because I can't tell you how many we saw.
They rent them to the public so you can imagine how the people drove.
I am not sure any of them had their "M" endorsement .....:)
In fact we saw a lady about take the back of one of them off as she swung the scooter around and hit the little trunk section on part of a building.

Chuck was being smart with Diana and I and said we had to pace ourselves.
He said we had to do 10 feet a minute or we wouldn't get very far today.
Seems his "rule" worked perfectly until he and Chris spied the "knife guy".
Of course their knives had to be sharpened.
Times a tickin guys...come on....but they don't get very far.
Two booths down, another knife guy.
And not just any ole knife guy...a tactical knife guy.
Lordy, lordy....did they take forever or what!
Diana and I did walk a little bit down the row and then a row over from them, but really hated to get very far away as we would never find them again....(not sure our find a friend could have found them...LOL)

We wait and wait....and then we go back to see something very funny.
Seems this tactical knife has a retractable blade, and it is supposed to not go off accidentally. 
Well, my husband is showing me this, and he puts it on his arm.
The blade didn't stop until it hit bone on his arm....and yes, he was bleeding....Oh my gosh...
Can't take this guy anywhere!!!
Do I have a bandage...heck I have a tissue.....heck no.
Finally the guy that was selling the knives comes up with a paper towel.
My free bleeding husband has a nice self inflicted wound.
The tactical guy says for him to not feel bad, because he has seen several people do the same thing.
Chuck and Chris purchase a knife.
I think I need to have Chuck have supervised visitation with the darn thing.
FINALLY, we move along and look and touch everything.

I have to say it is really overwhelming, and I can't even think if I really would like to have something or not.
It is just how I had imagined it.
Diana spies something funny...we have seen a sign for corn on the cob, but never have we seen corn in a cup.
Hmmm....have a story about corn, but won't go into that right now.

It is getting to be time to think about food, and the lines to eat are starting to swell.
We make our way to a little place that has seating, so we get the guys to be in charge of finding us a place to sit, and we get in line to order.

The tuna salad I had was really good.
Chuck was a good boy and ate his smoked turkey sandwich.
I think Chris had a hamburger, and I really don't remember what Diana had, but I think we enjoyed the nourishment.

We have purchased a few things by now, and over lunch Chris and Diana discuss purchasing one of those carts.
Looks like we are officially "bag ladies"....sporting around a metal cart with a red bag liner.
I have to say, the cart really was a great idea.

Man there is something about those carts...seems once you get them, you think you need to fill them up.
Didn't take us long to get our load limit.
By the end of this day, we have stuffed 3 bamboo pillows, a multitude of t-shirts, 4 chair swings, a dog harness, sunglasses, green tea packets,bed sheets, metal roses, and a multitude of other little items that I can't even remember into our cart.
I have no idea how much it weighs, but let me tell is heavy.
We have made our way to most of the covered buildings, and I am thinking we are about done with this shopping extravaganza.

We have to get back towards the west side, where we came in at.
Chuck and Chris have decided they need to make a final stop at their knife sharpening guy and have their newly purchased tactical knives (Raven Crest) sharpened.
Believe it or not, my keen sense of direction was able to get them back to the guy.
I don't think any of them believed I knew where I was going, but by golly we made it.
I have had years of training for just this type of thing.
We women have a 6th sense about this shopping.
You know the one....if you have it !!!!
I for one was so glad to know we were getting close to our area to catch our little tram back to the car.
Diana and I found a place to sit and rest and get something to drink and relax while the guys sharpened their knives.

Timing was perfect for getting a lift back to the vehicle.
We didn't have to wait at all.
The poor shopping cart was a bit heavy to lift onto the small area to make the ride, but we had it under control.
It was very nice to see our vehicle....many of the cars that surrounded us were gone.
We unload our cart and place all our treasures in the car, and head back to Arlington.

As we make our way back to the buzzing metropolis, the subject of food comes up.
Seems like that is always happening.
I suggest we go to Hard 8 in Corinth and eat.
Sounds like a plan and we are on our way
As we pull into the parking lot of the Hard 8, we turn the corner and there we see it...the line...
Line of people waiting to eat.
Our wait was about 45 minutes, but it was worth every minute.
The food was delicious, and I ate way too much.

We have had a very fun filled day and did a whole lot of walking.
I think we are all tired, but it was a good tired!
With our newly purchased bamboo pillows, we say our good nights and head back to our rooms to get some rest.

We had a really great weekend with our favorite people this weekend.
Seems we haven't done this in a long time, and we were really overdue.
Can't wait to get home and check out all our new found items.
So glad that I finally got to experience "Canton's First Monday" up close and personal.
Thanks to my husband for enduring it as well.  :)

We made it home safely and I got out all the t-shirts I had bought and washed them up and hung them out to dry.
Got up on Monday, and walked into the utility room and picked out one to wear.
I thought it was strange that I had bought an XL but I went ahead and put it on and went about my day.....until I get a text from Diana.
She asked me if I had gotten one of her shirts....Hmmm....wheels spinning.....remember that shirt I had wasn't mine!!!!
It's Diana's.
I was chuckling to myself as I text her and told her, I thought I had fact I had it on!!!!!
We both got a good laugh out of that one!
Good times....I tell you....a laugh a minute....Thelma & Louise forever!