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Friday, May 29, 2015

Memorial weekend wash out

Wow, is all I can say about all the rain we are getting for the month of May.
We are drowning in it!
Don't get me wrong, we need it, but not all in one or two weeks.
We have shattered all the records for the amount of rainfall we have gotten.
The rain forcast for the extended weekend and chance of severe weather made us take a second look at our plans and cancel them.
We normally would be heading out to Red River New Mexico for the Memorial Rally we make every year.
This year is just not going to happen.
Along with all the rain, we have had a lot of violent winds, and tornadoes, so there is just no need to chance it.
With the washout of plans ( along with a lot of other people) we just didn't really do much of anything.
Fast forward to Monday....we actually have some sunshine.

I get a text from Lynn and Keith and it seems they are going to ride from Duncan and stop at the Harley store and then get some lunch.
They want to know if we want to join.
Heck yes....something to do!
Didn't take us long to get ready and get on the bike to meet up with in Moore.
It was so nice to see that Larry & Carla had ridden with them.

The plan is to go to Hideaway Pizza downtown, and that is just where we headed.
We had a really nice lunch and enjoyed catching up with what is going on in Duncan.
Our phones start having all kinds of alerts, due to the weather that was heading towards Duncan.

Lizzy and Star came to visit! 

After we finish eating, it was decided that the ones going back towards Duncan should probably head that way to avoid the approaching storm.
We make our way back to the bikes, and say all our goodbyes.
Keith was in such a hurry, he started pulling away before Lynn had gotten on the bike.
If you don't think we got a big laugh out of that you are totally wrong.

We head straight home as the clouds are starting to build around us as well.

Even though it was just a short ride, it was so nice to have some wind in our faces.
Everything is right in the world....well, almost.
I get a text from Lynn and they pull over at the mid point of the HE Bailey Turnpike due to the weather that was approaching them.
They had a bit of a delay as they let the weather clear the area.
She text me when they got back into Duncan.
Their delay worked, as she said the roads were wet, but no more rain!
All in all a good day for a ride...too bad the rest of the weekend didn't work out the same.
Again, I will say we are very thankful for all the rain...we are way above the normal, and all the lakes are filled to their capacity.
The drought in Oklahoma is over.
I actually heard on the news report today(5-29), we have had rain for 21 days out of the 29....can you believe it!
Bike is back in the shop, and we actually beat the rain by about 15 minutes!!!!!
Great visit and ride.
Thanks for the invite