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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Our Grandchild of God.

Today is a very special day for our family.
Cooper, our 7 year old granddaughter, has decided to be baptized and today is the day.

You have never seen a more excited person to accept God into her heart.

She has gone to the classes that Journey Church has for the children to attend before they are baptized.

She received several special gifts for her to remember this day forever.
Her mom had the sweetest white towel with this special date and her name embroidered on it.

Receiving her Certificate and Bible

The baptismal is outside and on this particular day in July, it was very warm.
 All the participating children gather around it with their very recognizable t shirts on.

They alloyed the parents and family members to congregate around the one side of the pool as they are individually baptized.

It was a very special and exciting time for all of us.

Cooper was beaming.

We are so extremely proud of this child of God and what she stands for in the future.

Cooper's BFF :)  

Way to go Cooper.
We love you so very much.
Pops and Grandma.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Colorado Rocky Mountain Road Trip (6-27-15)

June 27th -

The morning is beautiful here.
We are all going to eat the buffet at the Inn, as it is provided with our rooms.

After we finish we gather in one of the courtyards for our morning devotion and prayer.

Before the devotion I make a stop in one of the little tucked out of the way restrooms at the Inn.
I had to take pictures as the artwork that was on the walls were too cute.
Seems we girls always see some interesting things in the bathrooms we visit!!!

Today is Doug's turn again.
The word for today is Lost Wallet!!!
As friends we all come together to help Diana & Chris with their lost wallet, even if it is just moral support!!!!

Our bags are packed and we are ready to point the bikes towards Texas.....Amarillo to be exact....but not without a u-turn.

Man, first thing this morning, our leader, Doug, pulls out and heads towards Santa Fe....
Hey Doug, turn the other way!!!
He was just showing us the other end of town, right!
Back on course, we make our way to ride part of the Enchanted Circle, through Angle Fire, and Cimarron.

We stop in Eagles Nest, NM to fill up with gas.
The gas pumps are very tall in this town.
I always laugh when we get gas here, because you have to stretch to slide your card.
I purchased something to drink, and the clerk asked which way we are heading.
I told him we are going to Cimarron.
He tells me that the road is closed due to a rock slide and flooding.
Remember that storm last night that we saw....well it missed us, but reeked havoc in another area.
All the guys are listening to him, and the decision is made to go back to Angel Fire and take that little detour to get us back on track.

Chuck and I have been on that road out of Angel Fire before...the one that is 9 miles of unpaved road...but maybe, just maybe they have paved it!!!

Guess isn't!!!!
U-turn #2.....and back to the road we know goes through.
It is a very narrow and curvy lower road.
We are seeing a lot of bicyclist going to opposite glad they are!!!
Beautiful countryside...beautiful weather!
At this point I truly have no idea what town we are in, but we pull over and wait for everyone to re-group.

We make our way to I-40 and roll past Santa Rosa....we hit a few sprinkles but not worthy of stopping and we just keep making time on the road.

Gas stop in Tucumcari, a little snack and back on the bikes.

Plans to eat at the Big Texan tonight when we roll into Amarillo.
We are staying at the same hotel we stayed in as we began this trip.
Tired of riding by this time the limo that takes us to the Big Texan was a welcomed site.

The Big Texan was very busy...and we make our way back to the back portion of the restaurant.
They have a large tent with fans on out there.
Was a pleasant less crowded area to hang out while we wait for our table.

There were several photo ops that we took advantage of as well.

Our wait wasn't that bad, and before you know it we are seated.
There is a 21 yr. old guy that is going to try to eat the Big Texan steak and trimmings.
Just looking at him, he doesn't look like he has a chance, but you never know.
We eat and watch the progress of the young guy.
He isn't going to make it....guess he gets to buy that big ole hunk of steak he can't finish...LOL

Food was good, and it is time to get in line for the return ride back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel, we put on our swim suits and go to their indoor pool.
We no more get there, and everyone else leaves...LOL
That's OK with us.
We sit and laugh and talk just like we have the other nights of this trip.
Sorry to see it end, but you know....all good things must end.
I am really happy that we have been able to spend time with all these wonderful people and share so many moments with them.
It really doesn't get much better than this.
Doug and Twana planned a wonderful trip, and all the accommodations were great.
Tomorrow we go home...but now we sleep!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Colorado Rocky Mountain Road Trip (6-26-15)

June 26th -

We decide to eat at the Inn this morning.
After we all finish, we gather for the morning devotion and prayer.
Today words are "Jesus Love Me".
Thanks Carla for reminding us all...we sometimes forget those simple but important words.

We are packed and ready to make some miles for tonight we have rooms in Taos, NM. waiting for us.
The ride back through the Million Dollar Highway was a little more calm this morning.
Let's put it this way....a little more my speed!!!!
As you can see the big trucks have fun negotiating the turns as well :)

Our first stop is Durango for fuel and potty stop.
The air is nice and cool today...a great day to ride.
Before you know it we have left Colorado and are now in New Mexico!
Thanks Colorado for all the wonderful riding and beauty that we have been able to see this trip.

Next stop is Chama, NM for lunch.
The Elk Horn Restaurant was a nice stopping point.
The cotton wood trees are in full bloom, and it looks like it is snowing as we look out the windows.
Back on the bikes, we make our way towards Taos.
The afternoon clouds are starting to form as they usually do around Taos.

We stop at the Rio Grande Gorge so everyone can check out this wonderful site in the middle of almost no where!
At this point, it is looking like we are going to get wet...but we actually make it to the Sage Brush Inn without getting a drop on us.

We arrive around 5pm, and we fill the front of the motel with our bikes.
There is a line to check into the Inn.
The weather is sure looking like it is coming our way, so Keith and Chuck find a spot to get the bikes covered just in case.

Our rooms are really nice, and the whole ambiance of the Sage Brush Inn was really cool.
It is sooooo New Mexico!

Originally we had plans to eat at a Mexican Restaurant that Lynn's friend told her about, but since it was about 10 miles back towards those dark skies, we opted to just eat at the Inn.
They welcomed our group of 10 without hesitation.

The food was great, and we loved that we had our own little room to ourselves.

After dinner we all sat out in front of Doug & Twana's room and enjoyed the evening.

The rains never did make it to our area.
Saved again!!!
Time to get some rest, for tomorrow we travel to Amarillo....our vacation is coming to an end  :(

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Colorado Rocky Mountain Road Trip (6-25-15)

June 25th -

A picture came up on our photo stream this morning that needed a little explanation.
Seems Doug and Twana had to do a little plumbing last night!

We have our devotion and prayer this morning, and it was Keith's day.
The word for today is Grace.

We are on the bikes and heading to Ridgeway, Colorado.
We are eating at a little restaurant called Kate's Place.
Food was really good...but I think it kinda made our waitress a bit tiffed when we asked to have the tab separated.
Our wonderful service went a little down hill.
Sorry, but we try really hard to make it easy on them.
We sit across from our spouse on most occasions to make it pretty easy for them.

As we walked out of the restaurant, there was a little antique store called "Magpie's" and she was open.
Diana & I walked over.
She had a lot of old stuff, and it was just fun to look around.
I commented to her about her choice of names for the store.
You have no idea how impressed I am with those birds!!!!  LOL

Breakfast is over and we are on the bikes and heading to Telluride.

Driving into Telluride, we see a million, well, not really, but a lot of Elk in this flat area outside of town.
They aren't scared of people as there is a walking trail with people walking and riding bikes.

We make our way downtown, we find parking for the bikes on the main area.
We are right by the potty...imagine that!
We duck in a few shops, and look around a bit.
The gondola's are running today, so we make our way down to them.
The ride is free, and we enjoyed the scenery of the mountain.
Diana, Chris, Chuck and I had done this same thing a few years back, but some how, our pictures were deleted, so it was fun to do it again, and get pics.

Up the mountain and back down we come.
That was fun....

Back on the bikes, we ride some really nice roads.
We pull off at Lizard Head Pass and let Keith and Lynn catch up with us.

We stop for gas, and the talk of lunch begins.
Chuck suggest a place we ate at a few years back.
It's in the town of Delores.
Hoping it is still there, we drive right to it.
Lunch will be a the Riverfront Bar & Grill.
It's warm but we sit outside and watch the people in canoes ride the river that is behind the restaurant.

As we leave Delores, we make our U-turn for the day.
We need to head towards we do just that.
This road will takes us to the Million Dollar Highway.

The ride from Durango to Silverton was nice.
I think it was the first time we haven't had a trailer to pull over this pass in a very long time.
Our leader Doug, as riding the curves aggressively, and I for one was having a few white knuckle moments.
Chuck on the other hand was having a blast.
Our pegs were dragging on a few of the curves, so of course that makes me nervous.
We stop in Silverton and do a little therapy shopping.
I am still looking for my little pot....but  wasn't able to find one here.

Back on the bikes we head back to Ouray.

By the time we get there, Chuck and Chris are carrying on a conversation about how great the curves and twists all in all I think they really enjoyed the ride.
I actually announced to Diana, Chris and Chuck that if we have a wreck and he kills me, I will come back to haunt him....oh, I was a very bad girl!!!!   :)
I guess the ride was a bit too fast for Carla as well, because when we got back to the Inn, she was in tears.

Composure has been restored and it is time to think about dinner.

We had seen a BBQ place on Main Street, so we decide to go there.
The Welded Elephant Bar-B- Que was just what we needed.
The girl told us it would be to our best interest to order the dinners for 8.....but since Diana & I don't eat that much, we opted for the dinner for 6.
Glad we did, because we had so much food left.

We packed up the left overs and took them back for Carla & Larry to eat.
They had not joined us and was going to have an ice cream dinner!!

We gathered our chairs and all sat around outside our rooms and discussed the day.
Great day with friends and lots of good riding....even though I complained about the speed, it was a good day!!!!

The girls checkin the water out!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Colorado Rocky Mountain Road Trip (6-24-15)

June 24th
The motel breakfast was tempting us with apple & cherry turn overs, so we decide to just eat something there.
Diana & Chris run to a fast food and get her something suitable for her to eat.

We go outside and have our morning devotion and prayer.
Twana read from her Jesus Calling book today.
Amazing how the daily devotion in these books can be perfect for the day.
Today's words are, Praising him in the storm.
Yep, Yep!!!

Today we ride to Ouray.
Our route keeps saying they are closing the road at 11am as they are working on the mountains along the road.
We should have no problem getting through the area before they close it.

There are a few spots that we have flag men and have to wait our turn going through the area as one side of the road is closed.
They are resurfacing some of the road along with the mountain repair, so this stretch of road is very active today.
Somewhere along this road Diana shouts out that she sees a bear.
Well, if you know this group, this is Diana's wish!
Sure enough I turn around just in time to see this black bear digging his claws into the red soil trying to get up the to the top of this hill.
Amazing is all I can say!
Of course none of us were able to get the cameras in time, but we saw him...we really did!!!!

Doug pulls into this little town Redstone, Colorado.
It is too early for anything to be open, but oh that is a really awesome little town.
The houses are filled with flowers, and the red poppies in front of several houses are just breath taking.
As we get back on the road I was able to get pictures of these stove looking things we noticed as we pulled off the road.
Of course I had to google it.

Interesting factoid inserted here!  Redstone Coke Ovens

Redstone really looks like a very interesting place, seems there is a castle there as well!

But we have to make some we are on the road again.
As we entered the Paonia State Park, we came to another halt.
The mountain is being shored up and they are doing some maintenance on it.
This is pretty interesting to me, since we just had a rock slide due to rain in our small mountain range of Turner Falls.
Funny thing is, Oklahoma is still getting bids and figuring out what to do a month later.
Heck, these guys could come and have it cleaned up in no time.
They are professionals  :)

The hill sides have a few coal mines that are still in production.
The small town of Somerset was very quaint.

As we make our way through some beautiful roads, we take a break for pictures.
I offered to take a picture for a few people and they in turn did the same for us.

The Blue Mesa Dam area was really a pretty site.
Looks like they were releasing water today.
The whole area was just breathtaking.
Enjoyed all the wonderful mountain roads.

Our lunch stop for today is in Montrose, Colorado.
The first place we tried to eat at was closed until 4 pm.
The others had spotted a place called the Horsefly.
Works for us, so we make our way back there for a good burger.

The weather has been really good today, but it is looking like we are going to get wet as we go into Ouray.

We reluctantly put on our rain suits.
I say this, because it is hot...and with a rain suit, we feel like we are in a sauna.
Once we got out of town, we get a good view of the dark blue skies that are ahead of us.
The rain drops start, and even though it is raining, it really feels pretty nice!
The rain wasn't that bad, but it sure did cool us down!

By the time we get to Ouray, I think we have all dried out.
The overcast and much cooler weather is a nice perk for this day.

The Ouray Inn is perfect!
It is really a cute little place, and they seem so very happy to have us here.

Everyone gets settled in and we walk about a block up to the main street of Ouray and do a little retail therapy.

The talk of dinner is being discussed, and there is a Mexican restaurant that Larry & Carla had eaten at, so we descend on them.
We have them seat us outside...guys at one table, and women at another....perfect...right??!!
Then the wind hit.
One of the umbrellas got caught by the wind and went flying over the wall.
Cold wind.....can we go inside!!!!
The waiting staff didn't mind it....we adjusted the sails and went inside.

Dinner was really good, and of course the fellowship of this group was even better.
What a fun day of riding.
We make our way back to the Ouray Inn, and bring out the margaritas and fireball.
Too bad we didn't have a would have been perfect for the end of this day.
Time to call it a day....we are over and out  :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Colorado Rocky Mountain Road Trip (6-23-15)

June 23rd
Due to the loss of the wallet yesterday, today's riding plans have been altered.  
The decision was made last night that Chuck & I would accompany Diana & Chris back to Estes Park to pick up his wallet.
The rest of the group will do a scenic ride and we will all meet back up at Glenwood Springs, Colorado later in the day.

There is a Starbuck's directly across the street from the hotel, and we have a quick breakfast over there before we meet up with everyone at 8am.
We no more step back into the hotel and I realize I have left my purse hanging on the back of the chair at the Starbucks.
You have never in your life seen a girl run so this 8000 foot plus air!
As I make my way across the street, and barely make it through the cross walk before the time runs out, I glance over the brick wall, and my purse is still sitting there!
I was so winded by this time, but oh so happy to see it.
Gosh, I think we are going to have to assign "keepers" for all of us!

We had our morning devotion and prayer.
Today's word is Wings
Chuck explained that when we feel the wind, it is God's presence.
We all agreed that there were a few times we really felt it, as some of the wind gust have been pretty gusty!!!

Our ride today is the rewind of yesterday.
Enjoyed the cool morning ride, and make our way back to Estes Park in great time.
The police release the wallet to Chris and we are on our way.
We have some riding to do today to catch up with the others, but I know our guys can do it!

Our ride through Golden and Boulder were pretty uneventful.
I point out to Diana & Chris the house that Woody Allen made the movie Sleeper in.
Seems it has just sold for 1.53 Million.
Poor guy that bought it a few years ago for over 3 Million, lost his shirt!

A couple of days before, we had seen this beautiful big bird.
Come to find out it is a Magpie.
I was able to find out some information about the magpie and enjoyed learning about this beautiful bird.

I think we are on I-70 this afternoon...don't get me lying, but we make our way back through the Eisenhower tunnel, since we are going west I think.....
It's getting to be time to eat, and we pull off at the first Vail exit we come to.

We find nothing to eat, so get back on the road and pull off at the West Vail exit.
This is more like it.
We grab a quick bite, and ask to use their restroom.
Diana is given this very long stick, with instructions on where to find the rest room.
Golly, no idea you would need a map to get there, but seems that Chris and I didn't follow instructions very well, and got lost along the way.
Diana & Chuck save us, and direct us to the correct area.
Down this long dingy hallway....note...the key opens either men's or women's restroom...
Hmmm...interesting....(not that I tried, but we know it for a fact, otherwise there would be 2 keys....right!!!!)

Back on the bikes, we ride into Glenwood Springs.

It was absolutely a beautiful ride.
The road has a high road and a low road, and follows the canyon.
I am really impressed with how they kept the beauty of the area even though it is a very busy highway.

It's hot, and by the time we get to the Glenwood Springs exit, it is time to get off the bike and drink some water.
We make our way to the Harley Shop and they have cold water waiting for us.

The hotel isn't far, so we get back on the bikes and head there.
We are checking in and I look up to see where the other group is at.
They are only about a mile from us.
Perfect timing.
Its still pretty early and we all decide it will be Pizza delivery night.
The motel guy suggested a great pizza place, and I make the call with everyone's orders.

Twana, Keith and I stay at the motel and wait for the pizza to be delivered, while the others go to the "Green Joint" and check out Colorado's pot selling operation.  

They get back as the Pizza dude is leaving.
Perfect timing again!
There is an outdoor area, and we take our food out there and eat dinner and talk about our day.
It was a fun day for the others, as they had a few photo ops that were really good.
We had a great day as well.
All is good in the neighborhood.
Chilling and enjoying laughing and listening to all the stories.
Doesn't get much better than this!