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Friday, June 19, 2015

Colorado Rocky Mountain Road Trip 2015 (6-19-15)

Today is the much anticipated day myself and 9 other people have been waiting for.
Today we start our vacation.
Not just any vacation, but a Colorado extravaganza vacation.
Our friends Doug & Twana sent out an invite about 6 months ago for this said vacation.
Our other friends Lynn & Keith have never experience the mountains of Colorado, and this trip was designed with them in mind.

Our day started very early, as our grandson Cash was having his tonsils removed today!
Poor little guy has had so many strep throat episodes, it is time to get rid of those nasty things.
His surgery is first thing, and I make my way to the out patient hospital and arrive at 6:30 am.
He is called in very quickly, and they are finished about as fast.
As he come out of the room to his mom and dads arms, he tells them to "get him out of this place"....he was not a happy camper!
Before you know it, he is released and on his way home to re-coop.
So glad all went well with him, and he will be experiencing good health before you know it.

It is time to get on the road, so Diana & Chris arrive at the house around 11am.
Our lunch stop was outside of Clinton, OK at Jiggs BBQ.
I have always wanted to eat here but they aren't open on Sunday and that is usually the time we ride by. 
The food was extremely good. 
Enjoyed it very much!

We have plans of meeting our people from Duncan in the big town of Amarillo this evening, and from there we will go to the Palo Dura Canyon for dinner and a play.
This is the 50th year for the play "Texas" and we are going to be in the audience.
The weather, well, its pretty warm, but you know it is June.
We are a bit spoiled in Oklahoma due to all the rain and mild weather we have had this year, but I think its trying to make up for lost time.
Could it be that we are just not used to it!!!!! 
Actually the ride wasn't that bad at all.
Diana & Chris are riding with us today and we make excellent time.
The group from Duncan make it to the hotel around 5:30 or so.

They quickly get settled in their rooms, and we are on our way to Palo Dura Canyon.
We are now 5 bikes and 10 people strong.
This is the way the rest of the trip will play out.

Being on motorcycles has its perks.
As we pull into the parking area of the play the guys that direct the traffic told us to follow the golf cart.
The golf car pulled up very close to the front entrance.  
Not bad!  Right up with the buses!  
The last time we went to the play they had wonderful food from The Big Texan.....well, that has changed.
Seems a local BBQ place is doing the catering now.
Not as impressive for use.

Before we know it, the seating area is open and we make our way to our seats.

Great seats and remember how hot it was earlier.
The canyon has already started to cool down.
Great evening for a play! 

During the intermission they announced there were 929 people at the play tonight!

We ducked out before the play was over just to avoid the long slow line back out of the canyon.
Mole Revival Kit!!!  
The weather was perfect for an outdoor evening.
I think everyone enjoyed the play very much.
Time to get some shut eye as we have some riding to do tomorrow.
Goodnight world.