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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Colorado Rocky Mountain Road Trip (6-23-15)

June 23rd
Due to the loss of the wallet yesterday, today's riding plans have been altered.  
The decision was made last night that Chuck & I would accompany Diana & Chris back to Estes Park to pick up his wallet.
The rest of the group will do a scenic ride and we will all meet back up at Glenwood Springs, Colorado later in the day.

There is a Starbuck's directly across the street from the hotel, and we have a quick breakfast over there before we meet up with everyone at 8am.
We no more step back into the hotel and I realize I have left my purse hanging on the back of the chair at the Starbucks.
You have never in your life seen a girl run so this 8000 foot plus air!
As I make my way across the street, and barely make it through the cross walk before the time runs out, I glance over the brick wall, and my purse is still sitting there!
I was so winded by this time, but oh so happy to see it.
Gosh, I think we are going to have to assign "keepers" for all of us!

We had our morning devotion and prayer.
Today's word is Wings
Chuck explained that when we feel the wind, it is God's presence.
We all agreed that there were a few times we really felt it, as some of the wind gust have been pretty gusty!!!

Our ride today is the rewind of yesterday.
Enjoyed the cool morning ride, and make our way back to Estes Park in great time.
The police release the wallet to Chris and we are on our way.
We have some riding to do today to catch up with the others, but I know our guys can do it!

Our ride through Golden and Boulder were pretty uneventful.
I point out to Diana & Chris the house that Woody Allen made the movie Sleeper in.
Seems it has just sold for 1.53 Million.
Poor guy that bought it a few years ago for over 3 Million, lost his shirt!

A couple of days before, we had seen this beautiful big bird.
Come to find out it is a Magpie.
I was able to find out some information about the magpie and enjoyed learning about this beautiful bird.

I think we are on I-70 this afternoon...don't get me lying, but we make our way back through the Eisenhower tunnel, since we are going west I think.....
It's getting to be time to eat, and we pull off at the first Vail exit we come to.

We find nothing to eat, so get back on the road and pull off at the West Vail exit.
This is more like it.
We grab a quick bite, and ask to use their restroom.
Diana is given this very long stick, with instructions on where to find the rest room.
Golly, no idea you would need a map to get there, but seems that Chris and I didn't follow instructions very well, and got lost along the way.
Diana & Chuck save us, and direct us to the correct area.
Down this long dingy hallway....note...the key opens either men's or women's restroom...
Hmmm...interesting....(not that I tried, but we know it for a fact, otherwise there would be 2 keys....right!!!!)

Back on the bikes, we ride into Glenwood Springs.

It was absolutely a beautiful ride.
The road has a high road and a low road, and follows the canyon.
I am really impressed with how they kept the beauty of the area even though it is a very busy highway.

It's hot, and by the time we get to the Glenwood Springs exit, it is time to get off the bike and drink some water.
We make our way to the Harley Shop and they have cold water waiting for us.

The hotel isn't far, so we get back on the bikes and head there.
We are checking in and I look up to see where the other group is at.
They are only about a mile from us.
Perfect timing.
Its still pretty early and we all decide it will be Pizza delivery night.
The motel guy suggested a great pizza place, and I make the call with everyone's orders.

Twana, Keith and I stay at the motel and wait for the pizza to be delivered, while the others go to the "Green Joint" and check out Colorado's pot selling operation.  

They get back as the Pizza dude is leaving.
Perfect timing again!
There is an outdoor area, and we take our food out there and eat dinner and talk about our day.
It was a fun day for the others, as they had a few photo ops that were really good.
We had a great day as well.
All is good in the neighborhood.
Chilling and enjoying laughing and listening to all the stories.
Doesn't get much better than this!