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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Colorado Rocky Mountain Road Trip (6-25-15)

June 25th -

A picture came up on our photo stream this morning that needed a little explanation.
Seems Doug and Twana had to do a little plumbing last night!

We have our devotion and prayer this morning, and it was Keith's day.
The word for today is Grace.

We are on the bikes and heading to Ridgeway, Colorado.
We are eating at a little restaurant called Kate's Place.
Food was really good...but I think it kinda made our waitress a bit tiffed when we asked to have the tab separated.
Our wonderful service went a little down hill.
Sorry, but we try really hard to make it easy on them.
We sit across from our spouse on most occasions to make it pretty easy for them.

As we walked out of the restaurant, there was a little antique store called "Magpie's" and she was open.
Diana & I walked over.
She had a lot of old stuff, and it was just fun to look around.
I commented to her about her choice of names for the store.
You have no idea how impressed I am with those birds!!!!  LOL

Breakfast is over and we are on the bikes and heading to Telluride.

Driving into Telluride, we see a million, well, not really, but a lot of Elk in this flat area outside of town.
They aren't scared of people as there is a walking trail with people walking and riding bikes.

We make our way downtown, we find parking for the bikes on the main area.
We are right by the potty...imagine that!
We duck in a few shops, and look around a bit.
The gondola's are running today, so we make our way down to them.
The ride is free, and we enjoyed the scenery of the mountain.
Diana, Chris, Chuck and I had done this same thing a few years back, but some how, our pictures were deleted, so it was fun to do it again, and get pics.

Up the mountain and back down we come.
That was fun....

Back on the bikes, we ride some really nice roads.
We pull off at Lizard Head Pass and let Keith and Lynn catch up with us.

We stop for gas, and the talk of lunch begins.
Chuck suggest a place we ate at a few years back.
It's in the town of Delores.
Hoping it is still there, we drive right to it.
Lunch will be a the Riverfront Bar & Grill.
It's warm but we sit outside and watch the people in canoes ride the river that is behind the restaurant.

As we leave Delores, we make our U-turn for the day.
We need to head towards we do just that.
This road will takes us to the Million Dollar Highway.

The ride from Durango to Silverton was nice.
I think it was the first time we haven't had a trailer to pull over this pass in a very long time.
Our leader Doug, as riding the curves aggressively, and I for one was having a few white knuckle moments.
Chuck on the other hand was having a blast.
Our pegs were dragging on a few of the curves, so of course that makes me nervous.
We stop in Silverton and do a little therapy shopping.
I am still looking for my little pot....but  wasn't able to find one here.

Back on the bikes we head back to Ouray.

By the time we get there, Chuck and Chris are carrying on a conversation about how great the curves and twists all in all I think they really enjoyed the ride.
I actually announced to Diana, Chris and Chuck that if we have a wreck and he kills me, I will come back to haunt him....oh, I was a very bad girl!!!!   :)
I guess the ride was a bit too fast for Carla as well, because when we got back to the Inn, she was in tears.

Composure has been restored and it is time to think about dinner.

We had seen a BBQ place on Main Street, so we decide to go there.
The Welded Elephant Bar-B- Que was just what we needed.
The girl told us it would be to our best interest to order the dinners for 8.....but since Diana & I don't eat that much, we opted for the dinner for 6.
Glad we did, because we had so much food left.

We packed up the left overs and took them back for Carla & Larry to eat.
They had not joined us and was going to have an ice cream dinner!!

We gathered our chairs and all sat around outside our rooms and discussed the day.
Great day with friends and lots of good riding....even though I complained about the speed, it was a good day!!!!

The girls checkin the water out!!!